Answer the Call of the Harnkegger!


Hail and well met!

It’s that time again, it’s Harnkegger Time!
Well… almost, we need to pick our events first and that’s where YOU come in.

Harnkegger Event Logo - Dwarrow Dice (G)

Dwarrow Dice Tournament

What’s Harnkegger you say? My friend, where have you been these past four years? The Harnkegger Games are LotRO’s very own Olympics. Earn yourself massive amounts of gold (over 1275 gold to be won!), loads of in-game goodies, maybe even some Turbine Points*.
And let’s not forget, eternal bragging rights, well, at least until next year.

Like every summer The Harnkegger Games Committee on Laurelin (consisting of members from Durin’s Folk, The Blue Mountains Regiment, The Eorlingas, The Divine Brew and the Shire Angling Club) get together and host a full week of games, this year running from Monday 5th till Sunday 11th of September.

Harnkegger Event Logo - Sparring (E)

Sparring Tournament

Known for its various gaming contests, general merriment and consumption of rather large amounts of ale, this festival of Dwarvish origin offers 15 full-scale events. Not only do we Laurelinians provide a massive hoard of prizes for the winners, but you also get to fight for the honor of your race!

Will the dwarves be able to keep their Harnkegger Nations title this year, or will the Men and Hobbits take revenge for last year? Maybe the Elves might even win a point this year, who knows?

But before we can do anything, we need to decide what kind of events we will have. The Harnkegger Games Committee has proposed 23 events and out of these YOU get to pick the 15 events that you would like to compete in. The vote stays open till August 7th.

Harnkegger Event Logo - Fence Run (S)

Fence Running

So, what are you waiting for?!?


Prize Donations in gold or rare/valuable prizes are accepted till Friday July 15th via the character “Harnkegger” on Laurelin.

*Though Turbine Points have been promised by Turbine, the Harnkegger Games Committee cannot guarantee Turbine Points at this point in time. Yet a large amount of in game gold and prizes have been set aside for the games in the event Turbine does not honor its promise.

Harnkegger Event Logo - Fishing Contest (I)

Fishing Contest

Don’t miss a minute of this year’s Harnkegger Games games via or on twitter @HarnkeggerGames







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