Blue Theater Song Contest Voting Guidelines.


Previously published on my LOTRO blog site here is my voting guidelines:

I would like to write a small post to guide those band leaders, and possibly the members of the public who want to vote in the People’s Choice Poll after the event, which will be posted on this blog, right after we have finished the contest on June 4th.

Everyone is welcome to consider all, or none of these particulars. The only consideration I would insist upon for those who do vote, is that they do not vote for an arrangement just because their best friend is the arranger.

I like to use a cake analogy: The cake sponge equals the arrangement and should be considered the most important aspect of your voting reason. The frosting atop the cake could describe lyrics, outfits and any other entertaining performance factors. They could sway your decision in a tie but shouldn’t be the only reason for your vote.

You may choose to vote for:

  • The arrangement that gives you the most feels.
  • The arrangement that sounds great, complicated in the fact there are many parts but cleverly constructed.
  • You may vote for an original composition – This may sway you over the other considerations, but only if it also sounds better to your ear than the other arrangements.
  • You may vote for a complete package, a good arrangement but performance, lyrics and outfits make that experience your favourite.
  • You may vote for simplicity: A heart felt duet may move you more than a 14 part wall of sound.
  • There may be an arrangement feature you admire, a call and answer section voiced between different instruments.

Do not consider when voting any band who suffers syncing issues or they have trouble with connections. We will try and accomodate any competitors who have issues staying in game.

Please come back soon for the next Small LOTRO Adventure where I will be publishing the order in which the Bands will be performing.

Band Leaders will be asked to send me (Lilikate) a /tell as The Ninny Hammers play a closing song with their chosen band/song vote.

Any questions about the voting process please ask.



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