LOTRO Players News Episode 151: Pineleaf Overruled


This week we talk about Update 18.1 and Guardians.

Game News

Scheduled Server Downtime: Monday, May 16th

Update 18.1 Release Notes

LOTRO Digital Sales Suspended Until June 1st

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LOTRO Players News

Community Events: May 20th-26th

LOTRO Academy: 125 – Monsters of LOTRO

The Family Line Part 92

Critters Journey Part 23

Critters Journey Part 24





  • Got my guardian to lvl 105 (and then proceeded to mostly retire it)



  • Got a new setup
  • Finished the Pelennor Epic and it was EPIC



  • Dresedin is now a Blind Leaper, which seems appropriate given his namesake


  • Took a break from the max level essence/gear grind and took my lvl 49 RK to Forochel for the Lost Fellowship Deed first character of my 10+ to do it.



  • Hijacked the Tuesday group since Karv played hooky, ran some 3-mans and Landroval!Teriadwyn finally got to level 105!



  • Participated in an Assault raid that featured doubles: double Troll Wound-takers that proved annoying. In recompense, I gained two Star-lit Crystals during the run (I rarely get one in a month) .



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Vertagk left a 5-Star review on iTunes:

“Note: This is a joint review for LOTRO Academy, LOTRO Players News, and DDO Players News. As such, I will be posting a copy of this review for each podcast.

I strongly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in the material covered. Professionally done, the content is always up to date and entertaining. The hosts are well informed and friendly. Each adds his or her own quirks to the ensemble, enhancing the overall appeal. They are the type of people that once you have listened to them long enough, they almost seem like they have become your own friends. And perhaps most importantly, the show is clean. As a Christian, it has become harder and harder for me to find gaming podcasts that actually have clean content, even when listed as clean, as even shows that bleep out ‘F’ and ‘S’-words will fail to bleep out misuse of the Lord’s name. Not so here. Aside from the occasional OMG, which is mild enough not to warrant a reduction in rating, the hosts are vigilant to keep their speech inoffensive to all. This is something I, at least, am grateful for. I guess you could say that they “Cast Responsibly” (you will understand once you listen). I look forward to each new episode each week. Keep up the great work everyone!”


Lucy writes:

“Hello Lotro Players News!

Firstly, I want to thank all of you for a fantastic job with the amazing podcast.  Not only did it help me tremendously as a new player many moons ago, it is still my main source of info about the game. Pineleaf’s poems are an absolute inspiration for me, while Karv’s sponsored messages are so hilarious I usually end up in tears of laughter… and then there is Teriadwyn and her impeccable lotro fashion sense, OMG can I just bow low and thank you from the bottom of my heart for turning my lotro wardrobe disaster into the wardrobe-envy of the server (ok, slight exaggeration but I’m really grateful I no longer look like a noob-clown). Lastly Mavin and her lotr lore… wow, if only I knew a fraction of what you know. Oh, and let’s not forget Andang… pure awesomeness!

Right, that will do for the ego boosting flattery. If I’ve forgotten anyone… sorry about that, you are awesomeness too (though not as much as Andang … obviously!).

I’m contacting you guys not “just” to tell you how awesome you are…  but to tell you about a real problem we are having on Laurelin, hoping you can get the word out and support us on this.

Every year the Laurelin RP community holds the Harnkegger Games. These are basically the biggest community sporting event in lotro (often dubbed “lotro’s Olympics”)… as there are loads of events of all kinds, it lasts a WHOLE WEEK and folks can win both in game rewards, TPs and codes donated by Turbine.  Last year alone (for the 4th edition) hundreds of players joined. The event is the highlight of the year of so many Laurelin people, myself included. It is just awesomeness (there’s that word again) that Turbine support this every year, donating a massive 30.000 TP for the winners of all the events last year alone (not to mention all the other horse codes that are handed out).  By doing this Turbine not only supports the events but says to our community that they love these kind of events and wish the community organizers to continue.

Sadly, this year, though Turbine has confirmed several times that they would support these events again… the organizers are not getting any word from Turbine and are close to calling it a day (after months of non-reply).  It is looking pretty bleak for them to be honest. I’m just a contender of the games, not an organizer, but it’s pretty painful to see a whole bunch of fantastic people here on Laurelin (who host these games every year) look at their plans for the 5th edition of the Harnkegger Games and thinking they will have to cancel the whole thing. They are banging their head against the wall here… and frankly feel abandoned by Turbine. Few of them still feel like going ahead with it if Turbine doesn’t even bother to reply to their requests or suggestions.  

Please, please, read this out on your podcast and support us in our plea for another Harnkegger Games… in the hope Turbine doesn’t forget about these games and the beautiful event organizers of their game community.

Thank you so much!


Info on the Harnkegger Games: http://harnkeggergames.simplesite.com/
Discussion on the lotro forum about the current issue: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?600994-Last-of-the-Harnkegger-Games


Mike writes:

“Good day!!!!!

Hi, I have written before, and I find your information extremely helpful. I have a question regarding the Erebor armour set from the skirmish camp. According to my research you need to complete the Erebor deeds at level 100 to unlock this level 85 armour set. Could you please confirm or deny this information? And if it is true could you explain why? this seems to be a very bad way of doing it as I would like to use it on level. Thank you very much in advance!!



P.S. I really appreciate that you all love this game enough to put this show on. It really outshines the negativity on the forums.

P.P.S. Question for Teriadwyn: Why do you call Beornings OP? and if you don’t mind me asking do you think all the beornings lines are OP?”

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  1. Lol…Ok, sorry you had to try to pronounce my weird call sign on the air. It’s a holdover from when I was younger as it’s the name of the main villain in the fantasy world I came up with in Jr. High. It does have the benefit of never being taken in MMOs, though! 🙂

    Btw…the “ver” is pronounced the same as it is in “verify” and while you technically are supposed to run the g and k together if you just pronounce it “tag”, that’s really close enough.

    Ok, now off to apologize to Drac over on DDO Players…

  2. I know there are certain things about guardians that are currently broken, but it is silly to hear “I can no longer solo that 6-man,” or “I have trouble solo-ing that 3-man.” If classes are having trouble with landscape mobs, that is one thing – but I don’t think a class is “broken” if you can’t solo content that was designed for groups. I think the instances are just as broken, since soloing this type of content has sort of become the new norm.

  3. Kaleigh Starshine /

    I am a bit uneasy about posting this, as I do not want anyone to misinterpret what I write here as making light of the Guardian’s plight or the frustrations of its players in any way. But I think a juxtaposition may help reveal how badly Burglars are in need of help.

    Whereas Guardians are one of the many classes that can solo group content, Burglars are often excluded from such content, with extreme prejudice. The very few who play Burglars at endgame now and wish to equip them usually go through the instances and raids with other classes, and then switch to their Burglar to bring them into the instance before the chests are opened, to have a chance for their loot.

    Whereas Guardians now have one trait line that is subpar, all three of the Burglar lines are absolutely anemic, and since all three do virtually the same things, Burglars are the least able of all the classes to adapt to their circumstance, an odd reality for a ‘rogue’ class which would normally have the opposite reputation.

    Whereas Guardians save their fellowships time and time again, success in group endeavors comes in spite of a Burglar’s presence, and failure often because of it. Not necessarily because of poor play, mind you, but simply due to the hard limits that shackle the class and the absolute metamorphosis of the game as a whole, in which a class like the Burglar would never be developed in its current state..

    Legions upon legions of players have abandoned the Burglar, as has Turbine, it would seem. I am hopeful regarding Edgecase’s stated wish to give us some attention. But the last developer that spoke such things suddenly ‘disappeared’ not long after.

    Please do not make Edgecase disappear, Turbine! He/she seems very nice! 🙂

    • Barnabras /

      Maybe the developer used HiPs?

      • Kaleigh Starshine /

        *laughs* He stole away with all of our powers, maybe!

  4. I have to +1 to Kaleigh on this. Guardians have have a few bugs, Burglars are completely broken (and have been for much, much longer than Guardian bugs).

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