Poll: How Much Total Gold Do You Have In LOTRO?


A big thanks to Trotter for suggesting this week’s poll.

How much total gold do you have in LOTRO?

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  1. Barnabras /

    Well my creep has over 2.4k, but it is entirely unusable.

  2. Being level cap for years, I set a few other goals, one of them is reaching goldcap. Plan: 9999G 999S 99C before the end of 2016. Just a few hundred to go. Btw… that still is level cap is it?

  3. Southy /

    I’m an admitted altaholic and most of my toons carry between 70-500 gold. My two biggest money makers are a scholar with about 1100 gold and my main with just over 4200 gold. I haven’t tried to pool it altogether but I’m guessing somewhere short of 9999 gold for all of them combined.

  4. Squirle /

    Any gold on a single character you get above the 9999 – 99 – 99 gold. Will just vanish. No getting it back when you get below the cap. Really poof gone. Lost a silver due to this. Then i spread it across a few chars to be safe :).

  5. Teriadwyn /

    This needed a “How the heck should I know?” option.

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