LOTRO Academy: 125 – Monsters of LOTRO

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LOTRO Academy: 125 - Monsters of LOTRO

Draculetta hosts our Monsters of LOTRO episode, recorded on Friday the 13th. Thanks for listening.

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  1. Barnabras /

    Great show! What was Branick’s monster name? I listened to it and spit out my coffee. I went back and listened again, with the same result. Sounds like you are laying down some epic swears. I want to know where are the Werewolves? They are mentioned in LOTR, but no werewolves. Maybe they will turn up in Mordor. As far as Monster play, I would say that Weavers are currently the most powerful class. They have high DPS with DOTS, and can power drain the freeps. I play Warleader, and I think it is the most difficult to play. You can get insta cast heals from critical shouts so you really have to multitask in a group. Attack, get off heals, and use your bubble on anyone in trouble. And don’t forget to drop your banners. Personally I love burgs. It’s a good day when they try to jump me solo. On the other hand heavy classes are extremly difficult for me.

  2. Thanks for the comment Barnabras! I wasn’t sure how to handle the pronunciation of my monster name, but the story of your spit-take confirms I made the correct choice. 🙂 It’s Thukal by the way. 🙂

  3. Bellcaunion /

    My most memorable moment with a monster was in the Old Forest. It was when I first started playing and my first time in the forest. It was really creepy and I saw a guy go running buy with a tree chasing after him. It was my first time seeing a tree chasing someone and I got the heck out of there.

  4. Sparge /

    One of my beginner’s heart racing moments was the 1st time I got the message that I noticed that something invisible was nearby. What, where where, hit from behind.

  5. The Academy did a great job of covering the gamut of monster types but there are so many, that it’s inevitable some would be missed. Some of my favorites that I don’t believe you covered are:
    – Caerrog, Bile-Draug, Glow-Worms, Gwiber, Giant Toads, Grodbeg (the little Roley Poleys AND the big Spitters), Cuttraul, Bugan (lil Hobbit buggers from Enedwaith and Dunland), and the list goes on!

    My most memorable Monster encounter was one of the Best ‘Reveals’ in the game in my opinion. I had been trying to get in on a Rift run for many months when I first started playing the game. (people had talked about it with such awe). In my first opportunity, a group was calling for someone just to help with the end boss after several failed attempts, and I was able to join their group. As I ran through the empty instance to join them, I was sight-seeing as much as I could and got hopelessly lost. A guide led me to the ante-chamber and as I crossed the final bridge with giant lava walls pouring down on either side, my anticipation and nervousness grew. Could it BE more epic??? The instance leader gave a hasty instructional review fro the newcomers that I did not understand in the least. How could you unless you have been in the room and knew what he was talking about. “Escort quest, don’t let the elft die, run to one side, kill the monsters, run to the other side, kill the monster, split into three groups, run into the sides and spin the gears to cut of the poison, tank and healer stay here, everyone run in the back, to kill the ever-seer, watch out for black holes, stay behind the pillars, pot your wounds, enter the combo, run back to the Balrog, stay out of the poison water and if he jumps in the air, run as fast as you can.. Everybody got all that??? Here we go!”

    As the Elf starts her dialog and enters the code to unlock the coolest looking doors in the game, I got more and more anxious. I was going to die and I knew it. I just wanted to last as long as I could first! when the doors swing open, there was Thaurlach in all of his glory, roaring and straining against his chains. I just stood there in awe! We had no chance! I think I ended up dead in the poison water like a Noob. Will never forget it though!

    Cheers, Braag of Vilya

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