LOTRO Players News Episode 150: Bare-chested Hobbit


I was gone this week so I don’t know what they talked about.  I guess we will have to listen to find out.

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Scheduled Server Downtime: Monday, May 16th

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LOTRO Players News

Community Events: May 13th-19th

The Rally in Khazad-dûm on May 14th

Spring Racing Carnival Today

Small LOTRO Adventures Episode 53: Warg Stew in Grimsdale

The Family Line Part 91

Poems of the Pine: Fortress of the Nazgûl


New Player Question

Cosmetic pets: What are they, and what are they not, and how do you get them?





  • Went on a Hobbit farm experience with the Beardkissers, learned how to backflip off of a rock into a pool.
  • Finally got that Ent in Evendim to tank that derpy wood troll.
  • Broke 200 followers on twitch and did first ever Karv give away.



  • Glordriel reached level cap…again
  • Moochi the minstrel got his LI, leveled it up and is about to go in and shout at the Watcher
  • Moochi got the red skeleton horse in a loot box



  • Tom Bombadil is a jerk
  • Bingo Boffin & did Wose stuff … leveled my Guardian for the first time in forever
  • TP runs because flash sale!



  • Arkenstone!Teri finally finished Volume 1 of the epic story… at 20 levels over.
  • Ran Warg Pens and Sword Halls for the first time ever on Saryssa, predictably wound up dead in Sword Halls.
  • Joined Gussymoose on Tuesday for her low-level deed-grinding stream on Landroval.



  • On Arkenstone, I ran the pre-siege parts of the epic.
  • On Gladden, I started the Helm’s Deep epic battles. They’re even worse than I thought.
  • Ran the Bingo quest three times and had a double take when I did it the third time.


Moot of the Week

Topic: What are the pros and cons of Ered Luin/Blue Mountains?


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Lilikate reminded us in Mixlr chat:

Oh Lizzy and I are planning to record an ask us anything episode, so send us some questions please at Lilikatebuggins@gmail.com


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