Middle Critter Earth – a Critters Journey update


For the regular readers it should be not a surprise. But the Critter Journeys has changed aplenty since the episode 1.  From small compact prequels, multi-week sketches and months long story arcs. Some were a success and some less so. The critters even put their comic style in a few starter guides under the Critter casual flag. But that is all old news, this is supposed to be an update. So what will the critters do?

More critters

Easiest part, there will be more critter (posts) . We’ll still do weekly saturday release. It will just not be Georges chicken run to Isengard.  The Isengard run at first was a prequel to another story. George met his accomplishes a lot sooner journey wise (but a lot later episode wise). And the big finale has been rewritten to coincide with this change. This opens the path to go ahead with George, Squirle and the Bearlys main story.

These episodes will come available in the comic new style (Critter journey 21 and forward), short video’s and story arcs will be recapped in their own video’s.

Critters casual guide and bio

In their journeys they will meet plenty anew adventurers. Incase you will want those critters for your own enjoyment. You will be in luck. A new subset of guides will be posted on Wednesdays featuring those critters and how to get them in lotro for yourself under Critter Casuals.

Critters XL episodes

In addition there will be single-use recipes. Well more like stand-alone Critter journeys. These will bot be part of the regular critter journeys or fit into the regular schedule. Think of a more fleshed out prologue (episode 1 and 2) or Critter episodes in a different time-frame then current Lotro.

The next few Critter Journeys

But what about George and Bram the lynx? In the coming weeks the “lynx-story-arc” will come to a close. What will happen you’ll have to read in the episodes themself ofcourse. After that the veil of the new Critter journeys will lift. The Critters journey company will find itself part of a new larger adventure that you might be familiar with. But critters will be critters.

Middle Critter EarthIMG_20151025_160247

All these new adventures will go in an even larger puzzle piece. To be honest i’m not sure if this will ever come to a full completion, but neither did Middle earth itself. Critter Journey itself came forth from a single screenshot that grew and grew over a few months into what you know as episode 1. With the new story, journeys, guides and XL’s there will be more room to give all cosmetic pets, characters and pets a spot in a larger world. The first version of main story had only 16 critters in it from which George would meet a few during the Isengard prologue. At that time it was mostly about figuring out how to get most out a critter and an area. But since then over 30 more critters and area’s like Minas Tirith came into Lotro. And so did my proficiency with the tools that are used and available to bring you those stories.

There are more stories to be told in Middle Earth then just George the chicken. All these stories will hopefully be made available in Middle Critter Earth.

‘tldr Summary

  • Critter Journey will be bigger and higher quality.
    • Bram the lynx’s story will be wrapping up in the coming weeks
    • Current Critter Journey crew season finale after these episodes
  • More critter stories in addition to Critter Journeys
    • Critter XL, stand alone stories outside of the Critter Journeys main story (irregular)
    • Critter casual critter guides
  • Middle Critter Earth project
    • Back story posts in relation to critter journey and casual
    • Project in the back that will put all these critter stories in a larger frame.



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