Time to FIX the LOTRO /say bug


As you surely know, we had the opportunities to catch some of the Turbine DEVs team in LIVE for the anniversary about the ./say bug.

The LIVE stream : https://www.twitch.tv/lotrostream/v/63137842
Turbine did briefly touch upon the bug in the anniversary stream, in a chat between Baccata, Arbor and Frelorn starting at around 4:23:15 and lasting for about 3 minutes. Basically, their answer was we don’t know what that is, this is new to us, put more information on it in the forums and we might look into it.

Turbine DEVs, very friendly, were felt so stupid in the LIVE when they were faced to the question about ./say bug. They had not heard about it. But they said they will investigate about it.

True or false, nevermind! We got their attention for a short time!

It’s time to harass Turbine about the ./say bug :

Please, TAKE A LOOK here for a good description about the bug on this blog : Time to address the LOTRO /say bug

and please leave your own comment or experience about it here on Lotro.com : Lotro.com – MUSIC-The-say-bug

NOW everyone’s support is needed, Music community, but also RP community and all any Social community!

I hope you could be supportive, especially if you agree and frustrated by this bug, like many.

LMB is an ancient, strong and well renowned kin! I think you could have some weight in the balance.

More, some of you knows people in other kin (maybe Sons of Numenor) or any others, if you could talk to them about that, it will be great.

Thanks by advance

yur friend


Do not let the thread be buried too quickly.
Ensure it a good visibility at the top of the first page for a while.
Also, show them that many of us are care about the ./say bug.[url][/url][/quote]

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  1. Southi /

    In the over five years I’ve played lotro I haven’t realized this was an issue. That is most likely because only in a small handful of instances have I even thought or found need to use it. While it is a total non-issue for me if there is a legitimate population using it then yes Turbine should fix it (of course as long as it doesn’t take too much time away from other more impactful bugs).

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