The ARDAMAN 2016: Challenging Middle-Earth’s Greatest Athletes


Calling all elite athletes across the vast lands of Arda! The great race of endurance and distance is coming! It aims to test the skills, prowess, and hardiness of the Best of the Best in long distance Swimming, Riding, and Running across Middle-Earth.

Do you have the tenacity? Do you have the fine tuned finesse? As LOTRO’s answer to the IRONMAN Competition, let this be the true test of your grit, and prove your self to be a true “Ardaman.”

August 13th, 2016

Opening Ceremony
@ 12:00pm Noon /servertime
at the Breeland Festival Grounds Stage

The Eriador Run
Thorin’s Hall (Ered Luin) to Galtrev (Dunland)

Gate of Thorin’s Hall @ 1:00pm /servertime

The Brandywine Swim
Buckland (Bree-land) to the Source of Lake Evendim (Evendim)
and back again…
@ 3:00pm /servertime

August 14th, 2016

The Rhovanian Ride
Galtrev (Dunland) to Minas Tirith (Gondor)
@ 12:00pm /servertime

The Closing and Award Ceremony
Breeland Festival Grounds
@ 2:00pm /servertime

Closing Concert Celebration
Breeland Festival Grounds Stage
@ 2:30-3:00pm /servertime

SIGNUP to Compete!


  1. So, on the Ardaman home page it says the ride is to DA, but on the Ardaman rules page it says the ride goes to MT. (oh darn, now I’ve gone and ruined my competitive advantage).

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