Turbine Purchased by Disney in Landslide Deal; Creates The Lords of Toontown Online


Please note: The following post was an April Fool’s joke and is not real.

Well, Disney has done it again. In just a few years after the purchase of LucasArts, Disney has now bought Turbine in a landmark deal, worth $1.5 billion. When asked about the purchase, Turbine founder, Johnny Monsarrat said “it was a nice deal. We really needed the money, and we’ve looked up to Disney as kids and still do to this day”. When asked if Turbine would stop releasing content for their two main games, The Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online Monsarrat was quoted “We will not stop releasing content. Content will still be added to [LotRO and DDO] but we are pleased to announce a new game; The Lords of Toontown Online, which “combines LotRO and [Disney’s Toontown].

We asked Andang, head of LOTRO Players, and he said:

“I don’t like this change, and Turbine would be better off not making a deal with Disney. I don’t want a Frozen Wildermore crossover. Gléowine sings too much in that zone already.”

That’s all for now.

Stay tuned, LotroPlayers!


  1. Barnabras /

    You’re a fool if you believe this story.

  2. maurizio /

    April 1 so everything is possibile 🙂 i hope also BB in the rift is a joke 😉

  3. Zyngor /

    Good, it’s about time. I demand show tunes every loading screen! If all goes well, perhaps a later title can be added in, Lord of the Hello Kitty Online?

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