Far Anórien – Update 18 Beta Videos


Yesterday Turbine released the first build of the Update 18 Beta.

The new zone of Far Anórien includes two areas: Taur Drúadan and The Beacon Hills.

There are also three new instances coming with Update 18.

There are also a variety of other changes coming with Update 18.


  1. Barnabras /

    I watched the 6 man instance and the first thing I thought of was “oh oh oh, red castle get’em!!”

  2. That Region Pack is also awfully overpriced… An extreme nonsense that will make even more people to stop playing I am afraid.

    If Turbine so much wants more ViPs then maybe do smth in positive way, like making ViP more useful (better travels cause they are now really awfull in Lotro comparing with some other games), maybe additional milestone slots for vips or ability to bind in many more places then currently, maybe ViPs could use also hunter camps (which also became very rare recently) some nice monthly reward like special steed, cosmetic or adding some small pile of mithril coins monthly for ViPs…

    But no, better to overprice miserable pack of 60+ quests and 3 instances. Let me guess, quests will be so awsome as those in Minas Tirith? A few hours of running and bringing cheese or wine for some guys? “You are hero now and all now that!” they said before West Gondor and after that send you for cheese.

    My love to Lotro is dying faster and faster…. Already got so tired after making MT quests with 2 characters (from many more) that I stopped playing a few months ago and still cant come back.

    There are so many games and new ones come all the time or old are strongly improved. Turbine, you need to try much harder I am afraid…

    • Well said fella! agree 99%, just not the Hunter thing, takes some uniqueness from the class tbh, but yeah VIP’s do need a lot more than soddy QP’s, skirms and PvMP

    • Soloblast_Gladden /

      All I see these days ate people complaining. It’s simple, enjoy the game… or don’t, and go away.

      • @ Soloblast_Gladden

        And you think that the game will stay alive if all who see some problems in it will just leave? If there will be not enough players, development will stop and some time later servers will be shut down. So closing eyes and saying “all is great”, is not good idea.

        And as I wrote, I already don’t play Lotro after spending lot of time on running errands for some fat Gondorian. Was waiting for new real content to come back, but seeing that TP price I am afraid that few people will be playing it (specially instances). I am afraid that they will end like Road to Erebor instances which are played by almost none. For many weeks I wasn’t able to find group to play them cause most people just do not have them. Content that I bought became useless.

  3. Rabbitses /

    Awesome! I’ve been wanting to go to these areas since I saw the road under construction at the edge of eastfold. Can’t wait to explore more middle earth!

  4. Rabbitses /

    Awesome! I really like the new areas. I’ve always wanted to go south from Rauros! I love how gondor and rohan are finally connected.


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