Poems of the Pine: The Watcher of the Water


Pinesong on Stage

The Iron Garrison didn’t find the welcome they expected.

Book 1 – The Watcher of the Water

The mines lay empty
For many a year
Till Balin did delve
Into the dwarven home.
But naught was heard
From the noble dwarf
So the Garrison of Iron
Came in greater force.
The entry was blocked
Till we broke the stones
That covered the door
To Durin’s realm.
Yet the watcher did wake
When the work was done
Thus forcing a flight
From the fabled realm.
Then we found a weapon
From the wars of old
Whose legend did leave
A legacy of might.
This spear will pierce
The impregnable flesh
Of the mighty monster
Of the Misty’s waters.
We drove the beast
Into depths unknown
The Door of Durin is open.
Does Balin yet live
To bring us hope?
Are the Mines of Moria now safe?

With the doors open, we can now enter into the ancient delving.

Pineleaf Needles

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