LOTRO Academy: 117 – Review: The Mines of Moria Pt. 1


LOTRO Academy: 117 - Review: The Mines of Moria Pt. 1

In this episode, Branick, Teriadwyn, and Pineleaf pick up where the listener-favorite Quest Pack Review episodes left off with the first of a multi-episode series in which we review The Lord of the Rings Online™: Mines of Moria, the first expansion pack to be released for LOTRO. Part 1 is focused on the areas of The Great Delving, Silvertine Lodes, Durin’s Way, and Zirakzigil. Thanks for listening.

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  1. I feel more people would enjoy Moria if there weren’t in such a hurry to level. On its release, Moria was the leveling area from 50-60. Now, there is a lot of frustration as they just want to run though to the next area and levels. Moria is NOT a good place to want to just “run through” if you’ve never been there before.

  2. Flosiin /

    One note about the Epic story for Moria once you get into Durin Threshold. In order to complete Volume 2, Book one and get your legendary class item, you have to be level 48. I’ve ran into that with 2 characters when the were level 46-47. The epic suddenly stopped and I didn’t know why at the time.

    • This post confused me at first till I reread it. I usually get my first legendary weapon at lvl 45 (fight the Watcher part of the book quest) Then go back to do more of the quest in Erigion. So I don’t get back into Moria till I hit 49-50 (easy to get those 4-5 levels in Erigion) I never knew u have to be lvl 48 to get the Class item. after 9 years of playing game I am still learning new things…lol

  3. Mines of Moria expansion can also be bought on Steam in a Quad Pack with Mirkwood, Isengard and Rohan. In my region it costs 36€. I think it’s a pretty good deal, especially if you pick it up during a Steam sale. I believe it’s the cheapest way to get it – with a 75-80% discount you will pay less than 10€ for the whole package. The only problem may be that you need to play LOTRO through Steam to access it, so you would have to reinstall the game, if you didn’t use Steam before.

    • I had forgotten about the steam pack. That’s definitely worth talking about, so I’ll bring it up in the next episode. However, you don’t actually need to download the game all over again on steam if you’re using the non-steam version. You “may” need to start the download in order be able to access your CD keys for the game, but once you have them you enter them at https://myaccount.turbine.com/index.php and they are applied to your account. You can cancel the steam download if you had to start it and use whatever installation you like.

      • I always have been using the Steam version, so I’m not sure how it works if you don’t. Thanks for clearing that up!

  4. Barnabras /

    It’s been a long time since I was last in Moria. Pre HD I think, but I remeber using a “google middle earth” type feature on the edge of the mini map. Used to give you a more accuate map to use whiile navigating Moria. I looked for it but I don’t see it anymore. Was this removed? Or am I just crazy?

  5. A quick not on reading quest text. I have trouble reading them in game.
    I will read through the epic quest text on Lotro Wiki. This helps as it also contains the Bosses rants.


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