LOTRO Players News Episode 134: Loth-loréal


This week we talk about Update 17.2 and recent Bingo Boffin quest design.

Game News

Update 17.2 Release

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  • Milestone Skills
  • Hurried, Returning and Expedient Traveller
  • Riding Traits
  • Simple Rally Horn


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LOTRO Players News

Community Events: January 22nd-28th

Poll: How Do You Use Your Skills?

Corey Olsen Makes a (Chicken) Run for Minas Tirith

Top 25 LOTRO Videos OF ALL TIME!

LOTRO Academy: 115 – The Essence of Essences

Tales of the Free Folk Episode 9: Cream of Cram

The Family Line Part 76

The Ninny Hammers Perform – Proud Mary

A critters journey Part 7

Brax’s memorial pick of the week:  The Illegitimacy of Aragorn’s Claim to the Throne


New Player Question

About relic forging…





  • Collected cool titles in Minas Tirith plus officially chucked the chicken
  • Effect of Andang’s PVP stream on Glordriel
  • Moved my RK along in Enedwaith and made some slotted jewelry for Glordriel



  • Trollshaws is remarkably efficient for gathering Dwarf Iron for the Artisan Tier of prospecting and metal/weaponsmithing.
  • Got a new title from Bingo, that was completely on point with today.. the tired.
  • First time in the ‘Moors ever with Mrs Karv… “I shall kill that warg and use his head for a helmet!”



  • Levelled my Runekeeper Lashillien through Rohan, she’s up to level 85.
  • Led the Academy Field Trip through Fornost Earth and Fire wings.
  • Almost poked a dragon in the North Downs on Landroval!Teriadwyn.



  • Bingo Boffin page hunt
  • 3,000 subscriber PvMP stream



  • On my Beorning, I was running the epic story line and for the first time I helped Rokur, the dwarf in Durin’s Hall, rather than the other.
  • Ran the Deep-way skirmish.
  • My level-12 hunter barely scraped through the Helm’s Dike epic battle.


Moot of the Week

Topic: What are the pros and cons of Gríma Wormtongue?


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Flosiin left a comment on the Top 25 Videos OF ALL TIME!

Wow! really amazing videos. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to finding all these videos over the years Andang.

To all the creators of the videos, well done!!


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  1. They mostly are cashew nuts. Normally i create the screenshots that are used for the panels myself, but that large a gathering outside bree is hard to get. This shot was (provided by “fb search option is horrible”” from the Evernight facebook group reaching 1k people. A group photo and some games were part of the happening. Estimated to have around 150 people there.

  2. Barnabras /

    Aragorn’s claim to the throne is very simple. If the oath breakers accept it, then it’s legit, after all they knew Isidur. Andang & Co, Pvmp video was great! Chat demands more! A pity I was out of town this past weekend.

  3. The only thing I can think of Is playing LOTRO on a graphics tablet.

    In theory, LOTRO could be put onto a touch device if done decent enough.

  4. LOL, The pick of the week truly brings honor to my memory. Well done!

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