LOTRO Video Highlights: The End


Two years ago I started a series covering some of my favorite videos for The Lord of the Rings Online.  At the time I had only a few videos planned for the series and had no idea just how many great LOTRO videos were waiting to be found.

After starting the series, I quickly began looking on YouTube for hours and hours with the goal of finding more great LOTRO videos.  I have likely done over 200 hours of searching for videos for this series.  At times this series alone has kept me motivated and passionate about LOTRO.  There are so many things players can accomplish in the game and the possibilities are even greater with the power of editing.  It is just amazing how many great LOTRO videos there have been over the years and how many are still being created for such an old MMO.

The chart below is a count of videos released per year that have been featured in this series.

Videos Per Year v2

Note: This table only shows the number of videos this series has featured, not the number of LOTRO videos released in that year.

Most of the videos I had found while researching were not up to par with the videos I was hoping to highlight.  If I had featured even half the videos I came across this series would not be able to be called LOTRO Video Highlights.  In fact there are literally hundreds of LOTRO videos that I have not featured in this series and that is not even including the Let’s Plays and video guides.

All this searching has led me to find some pretty weird videos.  The weirdest one though has to be this one:

And a close second:

Even though it takes a lot of research, it has been a lot of fun finding and sharing the fantastic videos the LOTRO community has made.

After doing this series for two years it is really hard to end it but I have run out of videos.  It has been a lot of fun and I can’t wait to reveal my new series in a few weeks.

Before starting the new series I do have one more article to release.  A week from today I will be releasing my list of the top 25 LOTRO videos of all time.  The final article should make for a great capstone to the series and bring a good end to a two year journey.


  1. Eldalleth /

    I have enjoyed your video highlights Andang and they will be missed but I understand the reasoning behind. And you found two seriously weird videos for this article for sure.

    • Andang /

      It has been a lot of fun to do this series. I can’t believe it has been going for two years.

      lol, yep. I had to feature those videos sometime 😀

  2. LÖL! This is sooo monty-python-like. And partially even better.

  3. This was a great series, Andang 🙂 Looking forward to the top 25 and whatever is coming next!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this video series, Andang. Thanks for doing all that research.


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