3 Remaining Server Transfer Tokens Given To All Players


Yesterday Vyvyanne posted on the forums about finally giving players the three free transfer tokens to transfer between remaining worlds:

“This morning we added 3 Character transfer tokens to every account and enabled the ability to use these to go between any of the ten remaining worlds. Transfers are 1 token per character so you can use these to move your main characters while you wait for a free window for your world or hold on to them for a later time in case you decide to try out a different world.


This also means that the Account/ shared storage transfer is now available between all worlds and is free (no token needed).


Currently the 3 tokens we have granted or any that you may have purchased prior are the only ones available. We will offer a way to purchase more in the new year.”


  1. Three free trees…
    Tokens not trees!
    Turbine transfer tokens…
    Glee for freebies.
    Four jollies me’e
    Happy tidings
    all of thee’e

  2. death is slient mostlydd /

    Boo! I free transfer should not be capped to realign my beloved characters to their new home, I demand asylum from my dying server !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

    • Free transfers from dying servers is not capped. This is just for people who want to transfer between the remaining servers or went to the wrong server.

      • Hi An, wonder if during the free transfer schedule, when we transfer, the token will be used up first or the free one? thanks :D.

      • Teriadwyn /

        The tokens will only be used when transferring from a server that is not currently free to transfer from. So all transfers from closing worlds remain free, and the remaining open worlds will cycle through periods when transferring off to other servers are free.

  3. oh heck /


  4. Hey Andang, I know this is off-topic, but when are you gonna do a “What questions would you like us to ask in the future Turbine interview” post? I have some questions that would like some answers to keep them company. Nobody deserves to be lonely…


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