Level to 95 Instantly – Blessing of the Valar Item Announced


Today Turbine announced the Blessing of the Valar is to release with Update 17.1.  The new LOTRO store item will allow characters to level to 95 instantly.  The item is currently priced at 5995 Turbine Points on the test server.  The item contains many of the same things as the Gift of the Valar, including a full set of level appropriate gear, a mount and many other boosts and buffs.

The Gift of the Valar has been reduced by 1000 Turbine Points to 3995.

Why did Turbine release this item now?  We have been at level 100 for over a year now.  Does this mean a level cap increase will be coming in a future update?


  1. anyone got a video of the Jetpack item that was on Bullroarer today?

  2. Barnabras /

    Massive boost to creep morale, mine was X2 of what I normally had, increasing healing, and dps on some skills as well.

  3. IMO that one is more useful then GoV to lvl 50. Reaching lvl 50 is easy and can be done very fast, while leveling becomes more time consuming after lvl 60. I was really surprised that there were people interested with GoV. It was very overpriced.

    BoV is good for those who already have some level 100 toon, but need one more for endgame and dont want or dont have time to make once again whole leveling specialy in very time consuming range 60-95 . Maybe even I would be interested but already grinded both my guard and cappy so worst toons leveling wise.

  4. So even more high level noobs 🙁

    • jailwartho /

      well that’s true….it will be amazingly usefull to lvl all 17 of my lvl 50 ish chars to lvl 100…only have a few lvl 100 chars atm(just hoping ppl will sell this item ingame(with mithril coins etc))

      • Usefull for some, still…. even more high level noobs that use this for their first char. (And I play one char for 8 years now so no experience with multiple chars to level, and I think after leveling a class to level 100, you don’t wanna do that for yet anoter one)

  5. how many people in the game are called variations of legolas? as I see people called legolaszszzzzsss in other games because they cannot have the original name lol

  6. The reason to get Gift of Valar was the virtue boost. As stated earlier, it does not take long to get a toon to level 50, or even to level 100. But its a pain to get your virtues you want to the virtue cap. Four in each virtue makes this way easier. I am excited that the Gift of Valar is only 1000 tp now. I think I will buy it for toons that are already level 100. Not sure what the new Blessing of Valar does for virtues or what other perks it has, but Gift of the Valar now seems like the best deal to me.

    • Koen Smit /

      U cant buy or use GoV on level 100s. And its not 1000tp but 3995 :/. They dropper it with 1000tp mate.


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