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Dear LOTRO Players,

Our dear friends over on Sirannon are hosting an event this Sunday the 22nd November.

All are invited to Sirannon –

“We show our friendship to the french community of LOTRO after the attacks on Paris which happened on Friday, November the 13th. Notenzauber will open the event with a 30 minute concert, after that it’s an open stage event”.

-Miss Floradine Strongfoot


I have some good friends on this server – To show my support I have prepared three songs. One song for seven musicians and another for eleven. Can you  help me perform my small tribute? Please download this pair of .abc’s and send a tell on Sunday for an invite to Fellow/Raid. Entire playing time for these and one more duet is no more than fifteen minutes.

My condolences to all who have been touched by these shocking and tragic events.

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  1. Breakfast Club of Crickhollow will be there. Sirannon Larksong is already 14 and more members are hard at work leveling up. Sirannon is a lovely place to spend some time!


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