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Class: Beorning

1000-1295 750-971

Drac Says – Hit Things With Your Claws  Thumbs_Up-Custom

Rune-keeper Class

795 596

Drac Says – Blow Things Up. What’s Not To Love Thumbs_Up-Custom

Warden Class

795 596

Drac Says – Be Like Pineleaf! Thumbs_Up-Custom

Character Slots

595 446

Drac Says – When You Want To Start That Army Of Alts Thumbs_Up-Custom

Slayer Deed Accelerators

75-450 56-338

Drac Says – Anything To Help With The Grind! Thumbs_Up-Custom

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  1. Thank you for having the common sense that so many other sites (including LOTRO) don’t have of having the current code available for the still current weekly, rather than just a perma link to the page that gets changed the day of the next week’s announcement.

    This made me very happy today. Thankies very much.

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