Poems of the Pine: The Ashen Wastes


Pinesong on Stage

Can we recover from the setback we had last time?

Book 12 – The Ashen Wastes

We returned to the city
On the south of the lake
To look for the place
Where Laerden was held.
We learned he was moved
To the land of dread
So to Angmar we went
Into the ashen wastes.
We stole the gate key
That was kept by a troll
Then rescued Laerdan
Who languished in a cell.
We learned of the ring
And raided its home
But only half was stored
In the stash of the keep.
The ring had been split
To spite our foes
So our quest we cannot quit.
To Forochel we go
Into the frozen wastes
To find a trace of the terrible ring.

Next time, we head into an icy wasteland.

Pineleaf Needles

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