LOTRO Players News Episode 121: Balrog Fried Chicken


This week we talk about server news and news from the site.

Game News

LOTRO Server Populations Force Pause on Mergers

New Server Tech — Beta Test – 3000 players logged in at once


Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week October 23rd – 29th

Simple Rally Horn Use Coupon Code aEfYrSpGjktx7 1/Account


20 % OFF

Expansions & Expansion Quests

Skirmishes & Instances

Enhanced XP Supply

Token of the Hornburg

Mark Acquisition Boosts


Harvestmath Festival October 21st – November 2nd


LOTRO Players News

Tales of the Free Folk Episode 4 Prologue

Pineleaf’s Pictorial Primer to Skirmishing: Defence of the Prancing Pony

LOTRO Video Highlights: Elf Dance

Dress to Impress — Dress of the Anorien Autumn

The Family Line Part 64

Step by Step: Songbook Plugin

Shield of Honor: Part Five

The Ninny Hammers Play — Clint Eastwood by The Gorillas


New Player Question

How often will I get class quests and is it important that I do them?





  • A highlight that is a lowlight (and a reminder that Wargs can’t be trusted)



  • I fought a Balrog on a chicken! Sort of.



  • Died in Bingo’s dreams



  • Flight of Drakes for the first time on the Academy field trip.



  • Moved my Windfola characters to new homes. The transfer went smoothly.


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Merryrose writes:

“You may already be aware of this issue, but in case not here is the forum link telling how to avoid the Store always opening every time TP has been earned. It has helped me keep calm; am anxiously awaiting U17 for the permanent fix.

Also wanted to say thank you for keeping us all up to date regarding the world transfers. I don’t always get to keep up on the forums so your podcast is very helpful. World chat has renamed our server “Everlag”. But it’s a good problem so far. There is more interest in pugs for the older instances and there is excitement even on the off-peak time for EU.


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  1. There was a “blue name” post on the forums awhile back that stated that the new server tech was so good, that all the US could be on one server, and all the EU could be on one server. If that was the case, then a “small” event like Bullroarer (compared to the whole of the LOTRO population), should not have been a problem – let alone cause issues in areas way outside of Bree. So, either they A) cranked the new sever tech way down for testing / info gathering purposes, or B) someone severely overstated the capabilities of the new servers. Hopefully it is (A)… please let it be (A)…

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