Archet Aid 4 – October 17


“For the fourth time, the little town of Archet, right outside of Bree, is the scene for the Solidarity Fayre and Concert named ‘Archet Aid’.”

It is once again time for one of the bigger events in LOTRO – Archet Aid!  Archet Aid is held every year on the Laurelin server.  This year the event starts at 12:30 p.m. server time (Eastern) in Archet (of course).

At Archet Aid this year there will be an archery contest, a theatre play, a big concert and much more.



Burning Archet12.30pm – The Archet Aid Marathon
1.oopm – Opening of the Archet Aid Fayre
1.10pm – The First rounds of the Archery Competition
1.25pm – Quiz with Durins Folk
1.40pm – The Drunken Backwards Race
2.00pm – Theatre Play – ‘Egglet’
2.20pm – Drill with Blue Mountain Regiment
2.40pm – The finale of the Archery Competition
2.55pm – The Fayre closes down for the solidarity concert

3.oopm – The Archet Aid Solidarity Concert!
Schedule is under construction for the concert

3.05pm -Die Meisterbarden von Bree
3.20pm – The Songburrow Strollers
3.35pm – Die Bunten Voegel
3.50pm – The Red Company
4.05pm – Rock and a Hard Place
4.20pm – The Rolling Kegs
4.35pm – The White Flames
4.50pm – The Chosen Few

“‘Archet Aid’ was created to combine the two most awesome things that ‘Middle-Earth’ has to offer. Music and the RP community!”

“So, grab your Fayre outfit, spread the word to your friends and kinship, and let us have a night of fun and laughter. For more information about events on this Fayre, take a look at the other pages on this site.”

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