The Soloist: Praeradio


Praeradio imageAs the Prancing Pony stirred during a slow early Autumn morning, soothing sounds lofted through the ethereal with an airy delight.

With the gentle strums of a fine Lute of Ages, a minstrel Hunter crafted delightful ballads, to keep the morning mood lightened.

He can be found often playing music at the Prancing Pony.

Praeradio is our Solist pick for the week.


Greetings, glad to meet you!

Praeradio: Glad to meet you too!

 I like to ask musicians how they got started performing. What can you tell us about that?

Praeradio: Originally I started playing back when I found out how popular bands were.

 Have you always been on Landroval, or have you come from another realm (server)?

Praeradio: I have always been on Landroval for the past 5 years.

 Do you have a particular style of music you like to play?

Praeradio: I tend to play all ranges of music, from show intros, to rock, edm, etc.

 What have you enjoyed most about the music community?

Praeradio: I’ve enjoyed how accepted it is and shared with other players.

 Do you ever perform with a band, or do you prefer to perform as a soloist most often?

Praeradio: I mostly solo due to the fact that all my friends have left…

 Sounds like you need to make more friends!

Praeradio: I’ve gotten some friends from offline to join me recently, we might even make a guild.

 There are alot of events out there that people commonly attend. Have you attended any of these events, such as Ales & Tales, Weatherstock, or band performances?

Praeradio: I’ve gone to Weatherstock a few times over the years.

 You can tell alot about a musician by the instrument they enjoy most. What would you say is your favorite?

Praeradio: I’d have to say it’s the lute and harp, or theorbo when it can be heard.

 Do you transcribe or compose your own music?

Praeradio: Sadly no, I wish I could though.

 When you get new music, where do you usually go to acquire music?

Praeradio: I used to go to, not sure if that’s up anymore or not though.

What would you say would be the best advice you could give to any up and coming musician?

Praeradio: If they play by hand, never stop practicing. As for people like me who use song book, try to find songs you enjoy playing, not just based on popularity.

 Do you have anything particular you would like to say to the music community about you, or your life as a LOTRO musician?

Praeradio: Just keep it up, and that I’m normally found in the Prancing Pony, just look around and you might find me.

 Are you on twitter, facebook fan page, or have a youtube that you like to communicate your life in LOTRO?

Praeradio: Not exactly, I’m not much of a person for social networks.

 Excellent! Want to thank you for taking the time with us!

Praeradio: Any time.

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