New Server Hardware Before Thanksgiving


In a recent forum post, Vyvyanne said she aims to have the remaining servers upgraded to the new server hardware before Thanksgiving.

“The new hardware is coming along great. We have all the equipment in place and built out and are now onto the arduous task of moving all of the software and data from the old hardware to new, making sure connections are correct, running QA tests etc. We should be having a load test on the new Bullroarer Beta world soon and will make announcements about it as soon as we have a date locked down. The aim is to have everything completed and live before the US Thanksgiving holiday.”

How long will the servers be down for the server upgrades?

“There is actually a lot of data that can be moved before hand by taking a snapshot of the past 8 years and moving that and then just doing a transfer of the difference when we are ready to do the actual switch over. Currently the estimates I am getting have the downtime being no longer than a normal update downtime of a few hours.” – source

In another post, she mentions free transfer plans after the free transfer period ends:

“…all accounts will receive 3 free transfer tokens and tokens will be required for transfers between the remaining worlds. Closing worlds will always be free and not require a token to transfer off of, forever.”


  1. Berenthalion /

    Sounds great, the 3 tokens seems more generous than I was expecting but altaholics may disagree.

  2. I am looking g forward to the Bullroarer stress test. I hope they announce the date enough in advance for people to plan to attend and copy over.

  3. bestestplayerimnotsirius /

    What´s the point of offering 3 tokens? Only 3 characters can be transferred? Why would anyone do that? I´m not going to move my main to X and leave all my currencies behind me … i don´t see the point at all.

    Give everyone 1x free transfer (whole account) or not.

    • Andang /

      You get free transfers off closing servers until the end of the game and you get transfers between non-closing worlds for a limited period, then the free tokens come in for those that realize they don’t like the server they chose after the free period is over.

    • Cambruin /

      Honestly? You’ll get 3 instead of one and you’re unhappy about it? Really?

  4. any update on when the hardware update might be?

    • They said they hope to have the update to the new server tech in early 2016.

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