LOTRO Players News Episode 119: HOT Karv


This week we talk about the new build of the Update 17 beta.

Game News

Update 17 Beta Build 2 Changes

Server Downtime October 13th from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. to launch the new store

Store Sales

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  • Skirmish stream with Pineleaf, Karv and Teri



  • Mostly deeding on my Guardian – lotsa Evendim quests – and some tanking T2C stuff



  • Found out that stacked HOTs persist after logout and all pop on you when you log back in.  Quick heal up on login.



  • Leveled my Gladden LM to 20…and whaaaatttt????



  • Wandered around Moria on Arkenstone during the Academy field trip, only got lost a couple of times (and then someone else decided to lead the way).



  • Purchased the Steed of Rivendell




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Featured Comments

Tomeoric left a comment on LOTRO Players News Episode 118:

I don’t know if I’d call the stacking of crafting mats to 500 an “update”. I think it is more a “fix” (it should have been that way since the beginning), and an incomplete fix at that. What about task items, potions, reputation items, tokens, food, and everything else that stacks? Would it not make sense to have everything stack to the same number? Scholar buff scrolls still only stack to 20 for Pete’s sake.

With the new crafting tier also brings new auto-granted level 100 recipes. However, it seems all highest items we can craft all have holes in it. You’d think crafters at this level would be able to make exactly what they need, and not have to craft something with slots. If there is no ability to quickly craft essences as well, it seems more like the new crafted gear is just a push towards the epic battle/essence hamster wheel. Hopefully there will be some guild recipes to fill the void and allow crafters a non-essence option.

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