LOTRO Players News Episode 118: Bears with Bows


This week we talk about Minas Tirith and the Update 17 beta.

Game News

Minas Tirith – Update 17 Beta Videos

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LOTRO Players News

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New Player Question

More confusion about cosmetic weapons. Why couldn’t I cosmetically equip the cool shield I picked up?




  • Nailed the riddle first try and Aratiny’s 56
  • Hunter date night! (Hunter’s 57 now)
  • Tanked RC T2C … the “real” way 😛



  • An infamous achievement
  • Followed Teri around Moria without falling off anything
  • Ran around Forochel with the other angry hobbit, the well-dressed man and a guest star LM



  • Solved a riddle for a lot of people
  • Beta videos



  • Protip: Watch what button you answer a Skype call with.
  • Protip: When you are questing in Oatbarton and Dwaling in Evendim, your kills count towards Shire slayer deeds and the quests reward Shire rep.
  • Started a Free-to-Play walkthrough/tutorial stream campaign. Two most missed VIP perks: Mail-anywhere and Instant Mounts



  • Achieved a new personal record on Saryssa, who lasted not quite 30 seconds into the boss fight in Moria Halls of Crafting instance.
  • Terifluffz found some tasty mini nomz in the Moors.
  • Various incarnations of Teriadwyn practiced the falling skill.



  • Pinering reached level 66 and completed Volume 2 of the epic story line plus V3 Book 1. I have now unlocked all of the skirmishes. This is the first time where I ran any of the side quests in Taur Morvith.
  • Started a new YouTube Bingo Boffin series with a burglar.
  • Pineclaw, Teri, Maven, and Drac ran through the Silvertine Lodes.


News Beyond LOTRO

‘Big Big Project’ at WB Games


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Glambold writes:


I moved my toons this week from Riddermark to Landroval as my Kin moved to Landroval.

The transfer took place within a couple of hours, and this is for 10 toons, but I did not get a notification that it had completed. It is easy to check if it has completed by just logging in to your target server and seeing if your toons are there.

I had to rename only 2 of the Toons, and this is where I found a minor issue as I use plugins, in particular Titan-Bar.

All my plugins were disabled and had to be re-enabled after the move, but I would suggest that you login and rename if necessary your toons, before enabling the plugins as Titan Bar gets very confused with character name changes.

Overall, a very easy move, with no real issues.

Glambold of Riddermark Landroval”

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One comment

  1. I don’t know if I’d call the stacking of crafting mats to 500 an “update”. I think it is more a “fix” (it should have been that way since the beginning), and an incomplete fix at that. What about task items, potions, reputation items, tokens, food, and everything else that stacks? Would it not make sense to have everything stack to the same number? Scholar buff scrolls still only stack to 20 for Pete’s sake.

    With the new crafting tier also brings new auto-granted level 100 recipes. However, it seems all highest items we can craft all have holes in it. You’d think crafters at this level would be able to make exactly what they need, and not have to craft something with slots. If there is no ability to quickly craft essences as well, it seems more like the new crafted gear is just a push towards the epic battle/essence hamster wheel. Hopefully there will be some guild recipes to fill the void and allow crafters a non-essence option.

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