Minas Tirith – Update 17 Beta Videos


Yesterday Turbine released the first build of the Update 17 Beta.

The new zone of Old Anórien includes three areas: Minas Tirith, Pelennor Fields, and Talath Anor.


  1. Nda mean nothing to you??

    • Andang /

      It does. There is not an NDA on this content as it is in open beta. There has not been a closed beta in LOTRO since Helm’s Deep.

      • timhedden /

        In this case, NDA stands for “No Doubt Amazing.” Good job, Andang!

  2. Tirian /

    Excellent videos, cheers Andang! One thing about Anorien (or at least the tiny bit of it we’ve got so far – did you say Cair Andros was inaccessible? Also, can you see the Falls of Rauros from the north end of the region? Thanks.

  3. abacas /

    when u17 release

    • Andang /

      Usually updates of this size release about 6 weeks after the first beta, so likely sometime in November.

  4. Torvik /

    Guys whats your oppinion on the price of new zone, is the pack will be something like East Gondor and like 795 TP or something new on more high TP ?

    • Andang /

      It depends on just how many quests are in this area but the landscape is less so I imagine the cost will be less, similar to what they did in Eriador.

  5. Merrido /

    I can just see the minstrels forming up at the base of the tower.
    Some poor guy will be questing along and all of a sudden, in the background ……….
    “It’s raining men ….. hallelujah, it’s raining men” being crucified with some minstrel on the bagpipes
    Closely followed by, …… thud, thud, thud as a kin does a suicide jump off the tower


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