Lilikate’s Public Song Library


Greetings LOTRO Musicians,Lilikate's Music FI

I have assembled a collection of .abc files, I have included files for all sizes of groups.

These files can be downloaded and used by any LOTRO player/s.

I ask only that the files remain unchanged and credit for the arrangement is given.

Lilikate’s Public Song Library

List of Files: All arranged by Lilikate Buggins.

(No. Parts – Name)

1-Grantchester Meadows

1-My Old Man


2-Les Sauvages

3-Nobody Home


4-Earth Move (I feel the)

4-Start Me Up

5-RV495 Op40 N20

5-The River

6-English Folk Suite N.1

6- Whats Up




8-While My Guitar Gently Weeps

9-Bra 11-1

9-Life For Rent

10-Don’t Bring Me Down

10-Shubert Sym N5-4

11-Firebird (Horn Ensemble)

11-You Know I’m No Good

12-Cotton Tail

12-Missionary Man

13-Annen Polka

13-Syncopated Clock

14-TchSym4 Op36 Mov3

14-The Shire

24-FOTR (Strings and Percussion)

24-FOTR (Wind and Brass)



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