Poems of the Pine: The Key to Death


Pinesong on Stage

Where we finally meet one of the main villains of the first volume.

Book 7 – The Key to Death

From Lorniel we learned
Of the loss of her sire,
As her father was kept
By the forces of ill.
A key we must find
For Carn Dûm the foul
So that we could find
A way to save him.
To enter the gate
We must gain a key
That is stronger and sturdier
Than steel or brass.
From mithril and a mold
We can make this key
With the hammer of Thrór
From the Tomb of Skorgrim.
With Lorniel we went
To unlock the gate
Then she searched the slain
For a sign of her dad.
We fought off trolls
And tried to reach
The very door
Of the vile stronghold.
Mordirith then made
A malicious entry
With Golodir dragged in the dirt.
Then Lorniel he slew
With a slice so cruel
To leave Golodir with guilt and grief.

Next time, we must prepare for vengeance.

Pineleaf Needles

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