Minas Tirith Alpha Screenshot Revealed


Today during his weekly Twitch stream, Frelorn revealed a shot of Minas Tirith.

Minas Tirith Alpha

In the stream, Frelorn says that the green clusters in front of Minas Tirith are trees, not bushes.  I am not sure I can believe that because in The Return of the King, Tolkien says the hill Minas Tirith is built on is around 700 feet tall.  This height does not include the tower height that is placed on top of the hill but even so, if those are trees, I think Turbine might have gone a little overboard on scale.

Either way, I think are all excited to go to Minas Tirith later this year.


  1. Rabbitses /

    They said once that the minas tirith in the game will be a mixture the books and movies. I’m glad, I want it to be big!

  2. Hallagon /

    In the books, Minas Tirith is massive, not on a vertical scale, but on a horizontal scale. Minas Tirith is supposed to seem like a massive city enclosed within a round perfect ring and its surrounding farming fields enclosed inside the Rammas Echor, Although during the siege, these fields were burned down.

  3. Just wow… (not that game, but wow..excitement)

  4. Glorgnorbor /

    The walls need to be a lighter color. At the moment, they look like someone imported Isengard’s walls.

    • Hengluin /

      Knowing Turbine that is probably exactly what they did 😉

    • Thimbur /

      I think that’s how the walls are described in the book, like Isengard’s walls. Yes, Wikipedia to the rescue – “Minas Tirith was built culminating in the Citadel at the summit. Each of the seven levels stood 100 ft (30 m) higher than the one below it, each surrounded by a white wall, with the exception of the wall of the First Circle, which was black. The outer face of this outer wall, the lowest, was made of black stone, the same material used in Orthanc; it was vulnerable only to earthquakes capable of rending the ground where it stood”

  5. Scott /

    I’m hoping that we will see it bright and sunny like that one day. When we arrive, it’ll be dark from the Dawnless Day.

  6. timhedden /

    An observation here. The picture shows the sky as being cloudless and blue. What happened to the Dawnless Day? I am hopeful that we would get to see Minus Tirith in both brilliant brightness and the depressing darkness.
    Plus, if those are trees on the Pelennor Fields, just the front wall of Minus Tirith must be massively tall. I’m thinking it looks to be the size of two stacked levels of the Deeping Wall of Helm’s Deep. I hope the in-house music they create is just as grand. 🙂

  7. #1. Yes, I plan on taking a chicken there.
    #2. Yes, I plan on jumping off a la Denethor.

  8. Ugh this just has me so excited.


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