Poems of the Pine: Terrible Heart


Pinesong on Stage

We get a heartfelt welcome to Angmar.

Book 6 – Terrible Heart

From Helegrod
We headed north
To the evil land
Of Angmar the cruel.
There Corunir
Recalled a time
When he failed to cross
A most fearful line.
We were sent to learn
The secret held
By the statues that stirred
A most striking terror.
We learned of hearts
That held the fear
But the first was finished,
And faded was it power.
The heart that was whole
Was held by a Tath
A sorcerer of Angmar
The served the vile.
When he was dead
A dangerous spirit
Was found to fuel
That fearful heart.
We fought the spirit
And found the way
To cross the cruelest line.
To the east we went
Into evil lands
To find the fate of friends.

We have broken through the line of fear and will face an even greater test: keeping someone alive.

Pineleaf Needles

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