LOTRO Players News Episode 111: Arathaert Pees on the Free Peoples


This week we have a lot of fun going over LOTRO Players News.

Game News

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Free Sample Of The Week August 14th – 20th

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Expansions & Expansion Quests

  • Helm’s Deep
  • Rohan
  • Isengard
  • Moria
  • Mirkwood

Skirmishes & Instances

  • Instance Cluster: Isengard Halls of Night Inn of the Forsaken
  • Attack At Dawn
  • Stand at Amon Sul
  • Thievery and Mischief
  • Defence of the Prancing Pony
  • Ford of Bruinen
  • Survival Barrow-downs
  • Icy Crevasse
  • Storm on Methedras

Enhanced XP Supply

Token of the Hornburg

Mark Acquisition Boosts


“LOTRO Players News is brought to you by another good-looking denizen of Middle-earth, this time an Elf…”

LOTRO Players News

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Harnkegger Games IV

1st Annual Piratepalooza! Yar! Sept 19, 2015

LOTRO Video Highlights: I Would Stay

A Life…Concerning Hobbits

LotRO and Lore: The White Hand of Isengard

User Chat Channels – Would You Like More?

Small LOTRO Adventures – Ep.24: Boffin’s Bucket Bother

The House of Beorn Chapter 5 – The Summons

Ask Pineleaf: What is the Best Skirmish for Earning Gold?

Poems of the Pine: Mist and Shadow

New Player Question

What does the “Monster Play” button on my log in screen mean?



  • Helped a hobbit do gift returns



  • Rolled Mavenpaw the Warg on Gladden and got to watch Grandpa Arathaert pee on the free people of Osgiliath
  • Ran around with Ma Terifluffz and got to rank 3
  • Met Lizzyrose in Bingo Boffin’s house



  • Ate hobbits in Hoarhallow with Trish!
  • Bingo Boffin & Level Addicts Wednesday
  • Loremaster’s got serious Vagabond style issues…



  • This week is Adventures with the Karvlettes: Middle Miss – Dad’s playing a girl!
  • Ran with Little Miss – Made it out of Archet.  She’s much more resistant to spider fear than her mother.
  • Ran with Big Miss in Lone Lands – the Pink Crusader and RK Verde



  • Got to Rank 6 with Terifluffz the Warg!
  • Ran around Lothlorien with my elven RK, Lashillien. She’s up to level 62 and back in Moria. /sigh
  • Burglar Saryssa had so-so luck with the RNG: some sweet gear dropped in instances, but the treasure hunt has been unkind.



  • Arkenstone Beorning headed into Forochel with Teri and Drac.
  • My ring bearer reached level 49 and started Eregion.
  • On Windfola, I continued to run Thievery and Mischief.



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Featured Comments

Fredelas writes:

“I chose other.

But it’s so simple. Andang has not run out of poll ideas, or this poll would not be here, so clearly I cannot choose the option in front of me.

But this poll would not be here if Andang had not run out of ideas, so clearly I cannot choose the option in front of you.

“Truly, you have a dizzying intellect.””


Barnabras writes:

“Hello Lotroplayers!

I have a question for the gang at LPN.  I am always looking out for more good podcasts, which can be difficult to find.  Seeing as we have a similar interest (Lotro) what non-Lotro related podcasts do you enjoy listening too?  I  am a regular listener to “the nerdist”, and “Henry and Heidi”.

Barnabras from the chat

P.S. I have been seeing Kaleigh Starshine out in the Moors this week!  I mourn everytime she is defeated….Keep bringing the fight Starshine!!!!”

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Thanks for listening!



  1. Leandir /

    Thank you for all your kind words regarding The House of Beorn story. I’ve been hearing some great feedback and I hope you continue to enjoy it!

  2. timhedden /

    Keep with the pee jokes and urine trouble.

  3. Barnabras /

    I can’t believe I missed the live chat with a Pvmp topic! For me the Pvmp element of the game is a great change of pace to the Pve aspect of the game. How many time can you make a new character and run the same quests? Fighting against other players provides a new and unique challange. The key to monster play is being comfortable with dying. You will die a lot, but don’t worry it doesn’t hurt. I am already up to 1600 deaths, and I am only rank 11. I usually play when both raids are out, and it is adrenaline charged.

    • Kaleigh Starshine /

      Thank you for the kind comment, Barnabras! And great show, everyone!

      All I can say is, after listening to this episode, I will be running, hiding, fleeing, whatever I need to do to get away from any wargs I come across… 🙂

  4. Did anyone else hear Pineleaf utter the phrase “whore licking good” or was it just me?!?!!

  5. Hey! Thanks for the plug by the way!!!!

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