LOTRO Academy: 110 – The Defensive Stats


LOTRO Academy: 110 - The Defensive Stats
Branick, Draculetta, Pineleaf, and Teriadwyn conclude our three part series on Stats in The Lord of the Rings Online™ with an episode covering LOTRO’s Defensive Stats. Whether you’re looking for a better understanding of Resistances, Avoidances, or Mitigations, the LOTRO Academy Team has you covered. Thanks for listening.


  1. Merryrose Morningsong /

    Yeah! Another episode! Thank you, I had been taking a closer look of my virtues for stats and this helps a lot.

  2. Brithilluin /

    Thanks for these stats episodes, I feel I could never understand this without your help. But I’m worried: my warden has N/A in block, parry and evade… Am I doing anything wrong?

  3. Sparge /

    Ty all for taking the time to go over these stats. Even though I have scrolled over them from time to time to get the tooltips I never really took the time to sit back and soak it in.

    There were no bells and whistles or fireworks….it was nice to get the basics as is. As always Lotro Academy gives out to Lotro players news (no pun intended) that newer or vets of the game can find useful.

    Keep up the great job and looking forward to next show.

  4. Hey Team! Enjoying Teriadwyn joining the crew to give some perspective from the ‘fairer sex’ since Mysteri has not been able to join consistently of late. (Wishing her a speedy recovery from her health issues by the way!) One addition I noted while listening to the Podcast. The Orc-Craft and Fell-Wrought damage types that you mentioned are relevant to PvMP, ALSO come into play with respect to Epic Battles. At least the skill trees referring to damage mitigations for those types seems to indicate as much. Pumping up mitigations for those I believe will help make your toon hardier in those instances, especially against siege engine and arrow fire that you can be subjected to in the higher-level Fellowship and Raid versions.

    Keep up the good work and for gosh sake, keep those Beacons lit!!

    Cheers! Braag of (for now!) Vilya.

  5. Dragonwitch /

    Hello LPN team! I just listened to this episode, and I have an answer for you regarding the mystery bonus to your Critical Defence. In your character’s trait tree, you should have a trait that increases Crit Defence – for example, on my Gladden RK, Ambyrlyn, the trait is in the yellow line and is called ‘Exacting Wards.’ At rank 5, it provides a bonus of 7% to Crit Defence. Thanks for all the news and knowledge you impart and see you in game!


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