This weekend see’s another of Landroval’s great events hosted.

Over two days, on the new festival stage in Breeland twenty bands will bring you all the very best of Rock Music.

It’s easy to get to the festival grounds now, take the pony (click on the pony) from West Bree Stables or Just inside the archway of The Prancing Pony Inn.

The line up looks great: (see poster).

All times Eastern Daylight Time.

Saturday 8th August

12pm Polnolunie (Full Moon)
1pm The Crazy Ladies of the Forest
2pm Notenzauber
3pm Under The Sunlit Sky
4pm A Rock and a Hard Place
5pm Die Meisterbarden von Bree
6pm Die Bunten Voegel
7pm les Chantefables
8pm No Whole Bard

Sunday 9th August

11am Starlight
12pm The Ninny Hammers
1pm Department of Harmony and Song
2pm The Traveling Bilberries and Tinybel
3pm The Andune Ensemble
4pm P.I.E
5pm Fraggle Rock/The Acoustic Mayhem
6pm Disenchanted
7pm Bara Bahau
8pm da Bugans
9pm Les Beaux Chapeaux

See you there!

/Joinchannel LandrovalMusic – All inclusive channel for Bands, Band Leaders and Audiences. Focusing on linking those that would like to play music to those bands that need musicians.

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  1. Zedrock /

    Then here are the livestreams links for the whole ROCKFEST 2015!
    Was just AMAZING!
    ./toasts to you all! INCREDIBLE crowd! TALENTED bands! Thank You!!

    Yeah! Was EXTREM AMAZE!
    ~ Rockfest Crew wish you a good night all Free People! Thank you very much for coming! ~
    ~ Special Dedicate to you! Free Folks! and the whole LOTRO Music Community! You’re just INCREDIBLE! ~
    ~ We salute you! ~


    ./toasts to Anthemisa & Maestro Fortissimo


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