Small LOTRO Adventures: Ep. 23 – Sink or Swim Bingo.


Dear Bingo or Lizzy Fans!

Here is a wonderful installment of Small LOTRO Adventures! Lizzy is in complete control of the controls. I really didn’t have to do anything at all!

Please show Lizzy your support by leaving a comment – Why not answer the Mystery Question? Which Lizzy can be heard asking toward the end of the episode.

See you next week when Lilikate will be the featured character 🙂



  1. Well done Lizzy, great vidcasting! Entertaining as ever

  2. Merryrose Morningsong /

    Most delightful, Lizzyrose! I liked your commentary on Bingo’s “swimming”.
    For the mystery question, his initials were P.T. (I don’t want to spoil it all.)

  3. 😀 Bingo was his name-o …

  4. Kaleigh Starshine /

    Yay! I think you swam much better than Bingo, Lizzyrose! 🙂

    For the mystery question, I agree with Merryrose above. Definitely P.T., and not the circus fellow, either!


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