What Makes a Memorable Band?


Hey ho! It’s been quite a time since I scribbled down in the Bard Chronicles!

With so many bands out there on the different servers it is important to make your band stand out and unique. There are certain aspects that really make a band its own thing. Whether it is playing only originally composed,  transcribing and playing existing music, having exciting costuming and stage presence, having a specific theme, genre, or existing band for the music they play, this can make or break a band. It is one thing to form as a band, then just play any music you think it is nice.  It is another thing, to bring to the community something that really makes the band special and different, instead of just their name.

So, I went on a journey of musical discovery interviewing the leaders of many of the bands, to try to find out in their opinion, make a band stand apart from others bands out there.

I asked all these bands the same question:
What as a band, makes you unique? Is it your specific style of music, the personality your band brings to the stage, or the dramatic styling that makes you stand out? What in the end, in comparison to all other bands, makes YOU what YOU ARE?

Tromblon of Les Beaux Chapeaux said:

  • I believe that the main thing that has made Les Beaux Chapeaux different is the addition of new Special Guest(s) each week. Not only do we write enough songs to fill up a full set of new songs most of the time but do we scout for new musicians or less known performers of the scene to invite them on our shows. Thus making certain that each and every of our show is different, involving both different music and musicians. Gives the possibility to some music lover to share a stage and the crowd which a new band might not otherwise have on their first appearances.
  • Oh, and I almost forgot, our Fancy Hats of course!

 Fionah of FEET said:

  • I think the visible presentation is a forefront for the FEET band.  We are all hobbits, and our dresscode is something I have not seen replicated.  eg.  carpenter robes on the male hobbits = monk style.  Personality is number two.  I make sure to interact with the crowd, using all hobbit alts throughout the music performance.  It can be very light RP, like a smile, or a nod, or something funny I create to engage the crowd.  It is an overall performance of both music and theatrics, imho. Obviously music choices are extremely important to differentiating what makes us stand out.
  • We have heard similar songs as ours, redone or transposed differently.  It is hard to be musically unique if we’re taking songs from the same midi pool. Our music choices have a wide range…but I think we sound different from other bands, even if we transpose the same song.
  • All of us have unique and creative ways to interpret a MIDI file or transposing sheet music.  I think the highly creative bands are the ones who compose their own music scores…something that FEET has yet to do. Passion for the music you choose.  That is our persistent focus when we play music.  We choose songs that resonate with us in a good-feeling sort of way.  Being forced to play a song you dislike…is not part of our repertoire.  We really want to enjoy what we play, and I think that energy is felt by the audience.  People have asked us to make a song they like, but…for the most part…we have with held the request because we’re not inspired to make it.  Or at least, we don’t feel the inspiration yet.

 Geoffroi of The Andune Ensemble said:

  • Well, we don’t have a specific style as we play all kinds of music though traditional tunes are the most common. I think what makes a good Andune Ensemble show is that we take a lot of care in selecting a playlist. I don’t just pick a dozen songs. I might work to a theme or, if it’s an event, I will think about the audience we might have. For our regular shows I mix it up – there is always at least 1 new tune, 1 or 2 old favourites then I mix it up between fast and slow dancing tunes. Oh, and I keep a spreadsheet so I know when we last played a song and how often we have played it, just to keep things fresh. I spend a lot of time on it and listen to it all to make sure it works well as a set.

Makalaure of Andúnië said:

  • Andúnië is an all Elven band who roleplay and try to bring music to light of a different nature.  Our songs relate to the lifespan of Elves.  This means any music might have been played at one time by the Elves.  So we do not limit ourselves exclusively to flutes, harps and viols (though it would be great to have a viol to play wouldn’t it?).  We also love parody so you may recognize some of our tunes but the vocal part will have been changed to tell a tale of Elven history or give a fun response to something Elves might find funny.
  • Generally we are noted for dressing in white so we are easily recognizable in concert.  Some of our members can be witty or even scathing if the situation calls for it.  We are spontaneous and if you were behind the “scenes” in our raid you might get an eye-opener as to what goes on behind the playing of our music.
  • I have been in many bands.  The joy of any band is the meshing of its members, the camaraderie is nothing you can get anywhere else.  With Andúnië the level of enjoyment we get in each others company goes beyond what I have experienced before.  We have some fantastic transposers as well as several excellent composers of original music and none of us seem to have the same vision.  Each of us brings a piece of the whole that is melded into Andúnië.

It would same, that in the end, what makes a memorable band, is a mixture of something unique the band brings to the community, whether their own composed music or community events. It also shows that it takes true dedication of the members, their relationships with one another, and and the joy and excitement one goes through with real comradre.

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  1. I seem to remember this from quite a while ago. I would add now that we have greatly increased the amount of original lyrics we write, especially Hollyberye, Plus an increasing amount of RP.

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