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With the recent news about server transfers, we decided to have a special broadcast of LOTRO Players News.


  1. Barnabras /

    Downside is, if you wait to transfer you may not get your name. Great news cant wait to move.

  2. Angela /

    Just wanted to respond to this in the podcast, unless I have missed something, WOW didn’t close servers. They connected realms.

  3. Lilikate Buggins /

    I am shocked that there will only be 5 US servers. I thought they would leave a few more.

  4. Andy /

    Good broadcast – I am still in 2 minds about this. 19 seems an awful lot of servers to turn off. But maybe the increase population on remaining ones will only make things more enjoyable and give the worlds a more “lived in” feeling.

  5. Closing small servers to create bigger servers is totally normal — and contemporarily beneficial. The devs of MMORPGs like EQ1, EQ2, Aion, Neverwinter, WoW etc.pp. did that, too.

    • aSadDay /

      Yes, and all of those games suffered for it except WoW (which has not turned off any servers from what I recall). Eq2 has also not had a merger of the original realms (only F2P). I know I speak for a very significant part of the population that is tired of server merges. Not a single game on the list you provided actually experienced an overall population surge due to mergers. Many of those games regretted it as the player base shrunk immediately, and some games closed their doors not long after mergers due to players leaving in droves (Ac2, WarHammer).

      There is a large subset of players who play MMORPG’s for the story arc, character building and evolving content over one game (versus say, five separate games like Assassin’s Creed). Those players do not like being forced onto high-population servers where you have to fight over content, be given new names that don’t fit your character, be constantly annoyed by the higher population of trolls and ‘griefers’, as well as the allowance of forced group content that these mergers create which allow lazy developers to continue to churn boring raid content.

      Let’s put it another way for those thinking this is a ‘good’ thing. The ‘publicized’ intent is to make groups easier to find. I will tell you this right now, pick up groups (PUG’s) are dead in this game for the most part and mergers will not help. It is NOT due to lack of population. As games age, they always follow this pattern. What we have right now are dedicated groups of players that typically only group with friends and a large population of people who avoid group content at all costs. In between is this little tidbit of PUG’ers. These pick up group folks whine forever on end if they can’t get a group in 15 minutes. It will not change for you because you are PUG players for a reason. People have long ago decided against grouping with you for one of a number of reasons. If you are in this group, look inward and figure out why you are not part of a static group of players and either change or move along. Stop giving companies the ammo to force mergers on so many people who simply do not want them.

      Oh, and to LOTRO, the rest of us know why you are truly doing this. Pinching pennies is not going to win you any favors in your fan base.

  6. welden /

    I am hoping that the new servers will have a larger population capacity per server vs the one we have now. I was expectingTurbine to close half at max but 2/3 of them…wow!

  7. mahalo /

    guess I start kill some of the lesser toons so I can move my more active toons. hum.

    shall I keep my level 99 warden or my level 98.9 warden -1


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