I’ll Get By (To Rockfest) With Help From My Friends…


Dear LOTRO Players,

I have a request to members of the music community. I need thriteen folks to help me play my Rockfest Set.

If your free on Sunday the 9th of August, at 11.45am to 1.00pm and have songbook experience, feeling like you fancy playing a little Pink Floyd with me on the new Festival Stage in Bree Land.

Lilikate's Music FI

Here is the link to the set.


If you can join me, you would be making a small red headed hobbit smile. (Oh, it’s also a live test! – adds a bit of a danger element to festivities).

Thanks in advance,

Lilikate Buggins.


  1. Titomir /

    Good day, Lilikate!

    You probably don’t know me – my name is Titomir, I worked with Radagast’s Pipe on the last Weatherstock, transcribed some songs for them (Choir of Slave-girls, Dance Macabre and some others). I will be pleased to play with you on Rockfest, if you accept only you wish to accept my help.
    I do have some issues though. I don’t have any experience with songbook, but hey, how difficult could it be? I also don’t have my own LOTRO-char yet, but I’ll create it (him?) and raise it (him?) in notime.

    I’m looking forward for your answer!

    Titomir of Fornost.

    P.S. I’m sorry, if I wrote this in the wrong place – I don’t have enough experience with global LOTRO-community 🙂

  2. fortemaestro /

    I’d be happy to help if you still need folks!

  3. Grimsnorin Golightly /

    Happy to help if you need a handsome dwarf!
    Grimsnorin Golightly

    • Lilikate Buggins /

      Thanks Grim, I’m so happy so many from the community are willing to help.

  4. Vethlo /

    I can help. Isumaric volunteered me, lol.

  5. Greetings, dear Lilikate! 🙂 I wrote to you via twitter (https://twitter.com/Gil_Shrewmouse/status/625731089353560064), but had no answer, so I suggested that my little letter wasn’t noticed 🙁 And I decided to be a pesky shrew and to repeat! I will be glad to help! I have the latest SongBook, and now I’m already know how to use it 😀

  6. Halgoreth /

    14 parts!?! (on “Crazy Diamond”) Good thing it’s a big stage.

  7. Louni /

    Sadly I work Sunday’s so can’t help out, (I know why am I bothering to tell you this?) I am just very curious to know if using songbook is a requirement. I don’t use song book, but can still Que up a ABC just as fast without as long as I have a list of files names. I know Songbook is much easier for those old and new to the music system, but as I said I am curious to know if it is mandatory for some reason I don’t know about. Thanks and sorry again that I can’t be there to help out, or if this post in any way sounds snarky or troll like, not my intention, just curious.

    Good luck and have fun, wish I could be there,


    • I can only speak for myself here. All band leaders have their own way of conducting music.

      My preference is to use this particular plugin for leading a large group of musicians. I like to have the display Songbook shows and the features it offers. I write on the parts in the file a shortcode name alongside the instrument which shows in the plugin so everyone knows which part to play. Using this system I have been able to run 55minutes of playing music to the hour. A handy colour system alerts me to when everyone is sync’d, and an altertaion of colour alerts me to possible mistakes before I press the play button.

      Not mandatory, but for my own band it is preferred.

      • Louni /

        Thanks for the clarification Lilikate! And again hope your show goes great and you all have a blast! (I feel like calling out sick, but just not possible)


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