Poems of the Pine: Prologue


Pinesong on Stage

In this week’s piece, we find Amdir and conclude the introductory material. We also introduce a little variation to the format of our poem. My plan is to use six-stanza lines at various key points, such as the conclusion of each book.

Prologue – Amdir

We buried the dead
From the Blackwold raid,
Then searched for the ranger
That the shadow stole.
We found him locked
In a fragile cell
That he bashed and banged
‘Til he broke it down.


In his rage he swore
That the rangers would die:
Toradan he tore
With a terrible blow,
Mundol he mauled
Near the Midgewater Marsh,
Then Reniolind he ripped
With rapid strikes.


How can we halt
The hatred of Amdir,
The wrecked ranger of Archet?
One Strider we must seek
To stalk our foe
And bring hope Back to Bree.

Next time, we head into Bree to start Book 1 of Volume 1 of the epic story line.

Pineleaf Needles

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