A Casual Stroll through The Shire, Part 1


The Tolkien Professor Corey Olsen comes out of the starter area and starts Gryfflet, his hobbit burglar, on a tour of The Shire where he deals with rude hobbits and even ruder bears. (Gryfflet now has attire that suits his profession, thanks to a makeover session with Teriadwyn.) Corey continued to delight viewers with a lore-packed commentary that ties Tolkien’s story to the LOTRO landscape. If you are interested in the lore to be found in the game, this is a series you will enjoy.


  1. Goblinbane /

    I have seen in the game many, many such small elements taken from Tolkien works, sometimes just from one sentence, one word. But now I see that Turbine went even further in keeping close to Tolkien. I had no idea about this Tolkien’s Hobbiton illustration for example Sadly that they (or WB nowadays) are so poor in marketing and they cant reach all those who know movies and like thet lore… Lotro much more deserves to be most popular fantasy MMO RPG then WoW, I hope they will be able to keep it alive for many more years.

  2. Thandellon /

    It’s actually rather enjoyable watching this, listening to someone explain the deeper elements of the game that has existed for over 8 years now for most of us, but would be completely new and fresh to others. I was quite charmed by the whole experience — very much nostalgic.

  3. Sparge /

    Been enjoying listening and watching (even learning a bit of Lore along the way) while I have been crafting. Tyvm for posting.

  4. Heuer /

    The video seems to have moved. Is it the same one as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMt332wMCNg ?

  5. Phil Boswell /

    @Heuer, yes it is. Some kind of disaster struck the channel where these videos were originally uploaded and it went away. They have now been uploaded to a new channel and more are said to be on their way ^_^

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