LOTRO Poems #15


Hello Friends! Welcome to the 15th edition of LOTRO Poems! Woohoo!

These last few weeks have been awesome..If you guys didn’t know already, I was guest on LOTRO Players News #92. It was an awesome experience and the first one of its kind for me.

Casual Raiders had some amazing weeks as well. We as a kin were able to finish Ost Dunhoth Tier 2 as well as first two bosses of Barad Guldur on Tier 2 Challenge. It took a lot of time but we finally did it!  

Today we return to our beloved Aragorn. last time we met him, he was in Lothlorien. This time we explore his inner thoughts and what’s it all about for him. If you haven’t read the previous six parts, I encourage you to have a read before you read this one, Part 1, Part 2Part 3,  Part 4,  Part 5 and Part 6.



Estel (Part 7)

I came once again to that hill,

There upon the hill I stood still,

Upon the hill there is a tree, so tall and old,

It’s branches spread far and leaves were gold,

A memory appeared, the last time I was here,

I looked upon that face, so bright and fair,

My beloved was in my arms, Arwen Evenstar,

Full of joy, life and light, daughter of the Eldar,

The world was young and mountains green,

Now I think about the miles that lay between,

Will my fate be same as Beren one handed?

Will I succeed in the task I was handed?

Would I conquer my demons, face my fears,

The blood of Numenor in my veins, their unnumbered tears,

From the ashes, would I rise? Am I Elessar?

The path is hidden, but I still have to go far.

Hope you guys and girls enjoyed this weeks LOTRO Poem. You can check all previous editions by clicking LOTRO Poems. You can follow me on twitter @dgenxali. If you would like to read my non Tolkien poetry, you can checkout my blog dgenxali.wordpress.com. If you play on Brandywine server, you can find me on Estelali, while Estealii if you play on Landroval. Click Casual Raiders if you want to join my kinship. If you want to feature your poem on LOTRO Poems or even send feedback, my email is legendraiderx@gmail.com. Be good and have a wonderful day, Namarie!

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