Kitties, Sheep, Foxes, Bunny’s and a Squirrel!




I think this aspect of the update will be welcomed by many.

I think I want one of each so if you get them and don’t care too much for pets send them to me!

But which one first?

I have a nice sheep song that could use a pet prop.



  1. Tirian /

    These are nice – I’d quite like the banner in particular, but cosmetic pets are always fun – any idea where we’d get them from?

    • Lilikate Buggins /

      I would assume the East Gondor Rep Vendor… But these are not live on BR yet. I will hopefully have shots of new pets as soon as they are sent or tweeted my way.

      • Tirian /

        Ah right, that’s why I didn’t find them while on Bullroarer at the weekend – thanks for getting back to me 🙂

  2. I think I am one of the few who like cosmetic pets but have yet to chase many of them down…

    I like the cat, unsure of rabbit, very unsure of sheep…and really a fox not a dog!

    A formal cat indeed…wonder if they can sing numbers from the musical…or maybe a despicable cat like ‘Behemoth’…

    And still no ferret, suppose I will have to go out and tame a squirrel 🙂

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