The Starlight Orchestra:- Recruiting New Members for Spring/Summer 2015.


Hello LOTRO Players.

TSO24 – The Starlight Orchestra (24 Members) are reforming for the Spring Summer 2015 Season. We are looking for new members who would like to join us as either a “Ranked” member or a “Casual” member.

We are a full raid group who play specially prepared music files. Our set up is a fixed arrangement with every LOTRO instrument represented in our Orchestra. We have four Orchestral Sections, and nine instrument sections. We use the songbook plugin to synchronize music while gathered together.

A ranked member is a player who commits to playing at as many rehearsals as possible, having a rank simply means always playing the same position and being given that position every rehearsal or concert. A casual member does not need to give advanced warning or commit, this member will be prepared to fill any part and play any instrument as needed by TSO Conductor.

TSO is not for everyone! We meet on Saturday’s at 2.00pm server-time. It takes time to get everyone into the raid and playing the right parts. We play long pieces of music, classical symphonies are the main focus of TSO24. A member of the TSO needs humour, tolerance, patients and a love of music.

Here are the next three TSO rehearsal dates in 2015:

March 7th – 2.00pm Methel Stage, Landroval.

April 4th – 2.00pm TBA, Landroval.

April 11th – 2.00pm TBA, Landroval…. and more in May 2015.

The best thing about this group is that is it a social experience! Friendships are made and chatter in raid is permitted. As we progress this season and if the music system will allow, I would like to bring even more 24 part arrangements to LOTRO. Once established I invite other arrangers to try their hand at arranging for such a large group also.

This Saturday all are welcome to come to the Methel Stage (on Landroval) eventually we may play a piece or two! If you’d like to prepare your character to join us as a casual player (There are no guarantees I will select you, but I try and include as many as would like to join us).

Here is the link to download our files.






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