The Great MMO Face-Off of 2014 – Quarterfinals


We are down the Queaterfinals and the Final 8!

LOTRO has a tough battle this round, as they are facing the behemoth WOW

As of this posting it’s looks like WOW has a decent lead



Head over to MMORPG and cast your vote today! Voting ends Friday Dec 19th at 11PM EST!



  1. Goblinbane /

    Oh, what a pity that already in QF we have met WoW.

    • That being said, it should be known that LOTRO is currently sitting in the lead at 54.9%, with WoW at 45.1%. It was around this percentage yesterday when I put in my vote, and with only a couple days left, who knows?

  2. Destiron /

    LOTRO wins!

  3. Rabbitses /

    We beat WoW 😀


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