The New Music System – A Work in Progress.


I have been following with eager ears the progress of the implementation of the new music system.

The community was buzzing with the idea of having tuned instruments, improving the ranges, blending the volumes and curing some other problems we were having, such as the Bagpipes notes cutting short.

We were really excited at some proposed new instruments.

I thought I may investigate with you all my music making process for one particular classical piece.



Here is a video of my transcription of Sabre Dance using the Maestro Converter. The volume levels are as I set them, I feel the blend of instruments works well and the song plays wonderfully.


This video is a recording of TSO14 at Horrorfest.

Known issues before U15 were instrument tuning, instrument volume blending, sample allowance causing some notes to be cut randomly. Other problems are the short duration of the Bagpipes and the limited and unrealistic ranges of instruments, causing octave folding.

After U15 (pre Nov 10th Hotfix).

After Update 15. before the 1st hotfix.

Here we are recording the same track with the same recording equipment.

The blend of volumes is awful, loud drums and lute, too quiet wind instruments. It is difficult to judge the tuning because we can barely hear all the instruments. Most of the tuning I like, there is the famous squeaky wibbly note in the clarinet that is fixed today. The flute sounds nicer  but with another breathy note in the lower range. The Pibgorn’s notes seem much easier on the ear. Theorbo still too soft. We still have problems with short notes in the Bagpipes.

Sample allowance I believe is unchanged although this is only a problem with very large arrangements.

I look forward and in hope to 15.1.. I hope we get some of these issues resolved.

At the moment I would say it is possible to transcribe music for the system at present, if you like Lute ensembles. I conclude that the system at this present moment is broken.


  1. As a musician myself (I play the tuba), I understand the desire for a piece to sound as good as it possibly can. Still, I enjoyed both actual performances equally, and both of them were far better than the Maestro rendition, in my opinion.

    Why is this? A big part of it is just because the performers made the effort to show up. I have listened to some really bad bands in LOTRO (objectively speaking), but still enjoyed their performances, too.

    The current state of the music system has absolutely no impact on the fun I experience at player-run events. I hope music system enthusiasts don’t let it spoil their fun, either.

  2. Lilikate Buggins /

    Indeed I do not plan on stopping my musical activity. This weekend at TSO’s new concert hall (5 Long St, Conholt, Bree. 2.00pm st) We are rehearsing a set for LOTRO on Tour. A project where a band of brave musicians take music to other servers. On the 29th we will be playing for Brandywinians.

  3. Is there a full tour date? Coming to Withywindle?

    • Lilikate Buggins /

      I was hoping to do a tour a month, it all depends on how many TSO members we can recruit on other servers or make ourselves.

      My other issue at this present time is; what do we play? The current system brings many challenges to the set arranger 🙂

      Sign up at if you like playing LOTRO music!

      This week we have been invited to Belegaer, so shout out if you’d like a Bugginses Band Concert on your server!

  4. Keep on rocking in the free world, Wonderlili!

    • Lilikate Buggins /

      Rage with the classical set!
      Thanks Beardy! I’ll get to degeneracy when I am able XX

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