LOTRO Academy: 99 – The Core Stats


LOTRO Academy: 99 - The Core Stats
Recorded in late September, the first of a new three-part series on Stats is finally ready. We originally covered this topic way back in Episode 2, but after four years it was time for an update. In this episode Branick, Pineleaf, and Draculetta cover the core stats and lay the foundation for upcoming episodes on attack and defense stats. Thanks for listening.


  1. Bruthvo /

    So exciting to have a new episode of LOTRO Academy, granted that it was recorded like a month ago, also it has been FOREVER since an episode (episode 98 was released on August 21st) so yay! celebration time!!

    • I am sorry for the delay. Real life sure does get in the way sometimes, but I hope after I can put episode 100 together (which might take a little while) to return to a weekly schedule. We still have plenty of episodes planned for the near future. šŸ™‚ Thanks for the kind words. šŸ™‚

  2. Merryrose /

    Thank you for another episode!

  3. Barnabras /

    Nice to hear the show again, a pleasant suprise for me. I had difficulty, with an alt, in the insance Pineleaf mentions as well. I think it was the infamous update 13 that made it much more difficult. I had to get a new LI, upgrade my gear, and apply every buff I could find to get my cappy through. Maybe you can apply for an education grant with all of the math in the podcast haha. Keep up the good work and give us more shows!

  4. Very cool that LOTRO Academy has been going long enough to “revisit” topics due to content changes in the game. Grats on that, and great episode!


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