Skirmisher of Middle-earth


This year, I embarked on a quest to complete Skirmisher of Middle-earth on my 12 primary characters (4 wardens and one of each other class). After spending more hours skirmishing about middle-earth than I could count, I have finally completed this quest.

The following video is a tribute to the fulfillment of this quest.

The main part of the video features my fifth warden completing the title, which means that I have 13 characters that have gained the title, rather than the originally planned 12. At the end of the video, I include a little farewell from my various characters, each showing their titles.

Ah, now it’s all done and I can now relax.

What do you mean 13 is an unlucky number? Even in middle-earth? Oh, I need to do something about that. Well, I guess I’ll just have to try to get the title on a Beorning. So, is that November 5th release date real?

Skirmish responsibly,

Pineleaf Needles


  1. Pineleaf, Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I believe there is a small, but realistic chance that you are certifiably insane…Congratulations!
    – Braag of Vilya

  2. Southi /

    Congrats and at least you earned some marks!

  3. Zyngor /

    I’m not totally sure it was responsible to skirmish enough to earn this title on 13 characters, but well done! Congrats!


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