Pineleaf Previews the Beorning


My primary goal of the Extra Life marathon was to see how far I can level a Beorning in 24 hours of game play. My secondary goal was to either live stream or record this event. At least the first first goal was successful (the attempt at a live stream proved to be a fiasco).

I do have a video from the final moments in the playthrough, where I run a skirmish with my level-37 Beorning. Here I also discuss my experiences with the class.


Level 37 is most appropriate as I created the video 37 hours after I created the character (24 hours playing the character and 13 hours doing things like participating in concerts and sleeping).

So, what are my thoughts? After playing for 24 hours and reaching level 37, I find that I like the class overall. Here is the breakdown:


You can turn into a bear. What more do you want? When in bear form, you get your more powerful attacks as well as a buff related to how you are traited (I was in damage line, so I did even more damage while in bear form).


No convenient range skills, especially at the start of combat. Despite that, it took me 37 levels before I decided to invest in some throwing axes. They would have made life much easier.

No reliable defense against the Shepherd of Filth. Yes, when you skirmish as much as I do, that’s something to keep in mind. I suspect a Beorning traited for support will do better than one traited for damage but that would be something to test when the class goes live.

Racial Traits

The most interesting of the racial traits is the ability to make Honey Cakes. The food is nowhere near the quality you can make with a cook (I’m sure all the yeomen are giving a sigh of relief) but the cakes are scalable and are decent if you don’t have any other sources of food available (and can afford the trait slot).

The flip side is the worst racial port in the game, though it fits thematically. You can port to your home, which includes little more than a nice view and the only Beorning class trainer I have seen (fortunately, you only really need your class trainer to either browse your upcoming skill unlocks and to purchase your level-39 pages).

Naturally, you unlock most of these by killing your racial enemies: goblins, spiders, and orcs. I should have little trouble completing these (they are much easier to find and defeat than drakes, for example). The final trait (the Virtuous Beorning) is unlocked by completing the level-30 class quest (since there is no faction associated with the Beornings).

As for the class quests, I did manage to complete the first two of these (at the usual 15 and 30). These are closely tied in with the Beorning story line. Yes, the class/race comes with a background. This can be a plus or minus, depending on your tastes.

Other Notes

Naturally, there are some things you can only do in human form and other things you can only do in bear form. I was surprised (and a bit amused) that you can grab a torch and light the campfires during the Weathertop skirmish.

Overall, I am liking this class and full expect to unlock it as soon as it is available.

Skirmish Responsibly,

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  1. Karvett /

    How is the play in the lower levels… say up to Lvl 20? Looks like you don’t get many skills either way. I’ve heard that it’s a bit boring at first. I’m totally looking forward to playing one anyway, but I wonder if they devs have updated the lower levels.

    • pineleaf /

      I didn’t notice the class at low levels being any worse off than other classes I have played. I heard about trouble at the low levels also but that was based on Build 1. It’s possible that they have addressed it.

    • Andang /

      I think part of it is due to the Bear form existing, which limits skills in each form. That being said, this issue has improved from build 1.

  2. Looks very interesting. Seems to me that it’s another class for the player who wants to think and plan a bit ahead in their combat?

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