Where’s Tinki – Harndirion.


Welcome Tinki Spotters!

Last time we were searching for Tinki in Gwingris, in Eregion.

Answers from Where’s Tinki? – Gwingris.

Easy – Front and center, can’t get easier than that.

Medium – Hiding behind the tree trunk, left middle of the shot.

A Challenge – In the ruined Elf dwelling, standing on the rock. Right middle of the picture.


This is Tinki.


This week Tinki is hiding somewhere in Harndirion.

Remember! Please think of others before leaving the answers in the comments.

This week we go back to the usual method of Tinki spotting, easy, medium and a challenge. Maybe it’s easy, maybe not!

Answers on the next Where’s Tinki.






The Challenge



Have fun!


  1. Got Easy and Medium, but the Challenge has me stumped… I didn’t think there were many places to hide in this shot!

    • Aha, think I found you. I tip the top of my hat to you on a great challenge!

      • Lilikate /

        Congratulations! My Bounders Hat tipped to you for being such a good Tinki spotter!

  2. Nusnogard /

    Found Tinki on easy and medium. I can’t find Tinki in the challenge photo. I think I know where to look, but my eyes just aren’t seeing!

  3. I actually think I found Tinki in all three..that is only the second time I have done that!

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