LOTRO Players Petition To Bring Chance Thomas Back


Update: In less than two days, the petition already has over 150 supporters.

Players are petitioning to have Chance Thomas return to LOTRO as the composer for more music.  In less than 24 hours the petition already has over 30 supporters.  That in itself isn’t very surprising though as players seem to really enjoy the music.  What is surprising is that Mr. Thomas himself is the person who tipped us that the petition is taking place.

“This morning I woke up to something really surprising on my timeline. Apparently a LOTRO player from England feels really passionate about the music in the game. He started a petition to share around the Internet and see if players would like Turbine to have me back. Pretty cool!”

-Chance Thomas

You can sign the petition here on change.org and who knows, maybe if enough sign Turbine might bring Mr. Thomas back to LOTRO for another score.


  1. Fredelas /

    This is nice, but if players really want more of this music, they should start a crowdfunding campaign and raise a couple hundred thousand dollars.

    • I agree… Change.Org is great to get the word out, but it has rarely if ever, got anybody to do something…

      The crowd-funding sites are the way to go.. as the saying goes, “Money Talks”

    • Andang /

      Indeed. I would not have even wrote the article if it wasn’t the fact that Mr. Thomas himself let us know about it.
      Makes me really wonder what went on in the meeting they had a few weeks ago.

      • Goblinsbane /

        Most probably money are the reason. Professionally made soundtrack with orchestra is much more expensive then making such music that we had initially in Western Rohan (IMO very bad, poor and monotonous) and that one we have in West Gondor (music connected with fighting is IMO bad and really annoying, “landscape music” is even nice in Lamedon and Dol Amroth, but it is so poor in sounds comparing with Eastern Rohan and earlier soundtrack).

        Crowdfunding seems to me strange idea in that case. It is not bunch of a few 20-year olds guys with some idea for a game, it is big company.

        But WB behaviour is so strange in case of Lotro…

        It is like they do not care about making Lotro more popular. I met many people who play games or like Tolkiens world and they had no idea that such game exist!! (even this year!). It is for me hard to understand that there is no servers in many popular languages (spanish, japanese, korean, russian). I have seen in TV in my country commercials of WoW, WoT and some other games. Never seen any commercial of Lotro. I thought that there will be huge marketing action connected with Hobbit. There is nothing…

        World of Tanks (WoT) has more then 20 language versions, while to play it you do not have to understand what is written, like in Lotro where text is importent!!! Wargaming makes insane money in countries like Russia and China, entered Japan, Korea, Vietnam. Everywhere in local language. In Europe they have more players from Poland then France and Poles are as numerous as Germans, cause Wargaming cared to make Polish version of WoT.

        Turbine (or WB) do not cares about such things, for them only USA/GB, France and Germany are markets. Rest of the world is unimportant (I even cant make phone payments from my country…, for Wargaming thats not a problem, also not a problem for Ubisoft).

        So now Turbine has problems to make enough money to get good soundtrack and polish patches (Gondor is so much unfinished…). Thats epic fail in case of such good game! Marketing like in 18th century

    • SS Beauchamp /

      I agree crowdfunding would be the way to go to see change…but as a broke college student (probably one of many who play lotro), I wouldn’t be able to support it monetarily. It would be reliant on either more well-to-do or more “grown up” players to provide that.

  2. Tanek /

    Interesting. I thought he had signed an exclusive deal with another company for their game music. I was certainly sorry to see that if it meant mo more of his music coming to LOTRO, but if that is what happened I don’t think a petition would change anything even if Turbine had the money.

  3. Also remember, that just because we want him back, and Turbine wants him back, doesn’t mean he’ll be free and available.

    As I recall it he was wanted for a previous expansion but was tied up with other engagements. Yet the players were criticizing this as Turbine’s fault.

  4. I’d love to see him back, but my guess is the main reason he wasn’t used again is that Turbine is trying to do everything on a lower budget than before.


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